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3 out of 100 People React to Electrosmog NOW (May 2006) August 25, 2006

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“Professor Denis Henshaw, professor of human radiation effects at Bristol University, says that “a huge and substantive body of evidence indicates a range of adverse health effects”. He estimates that the smog causes some 9,000 cases of depression.”

“Perhaps strangest of all, there is increasing evidence that the smog causes some people to become allergic to electricity, leading to nausea, pain, dizziness, depression and difficulties in sleeping and concentrating when they use electrical appliances or go near mobile phone masts. Some are so badly affected that they have to change their lifestyles.”

“While not yet certain how it is caused, both the WHO and the HPA accept that the condition exists, and the UN body estimates that up to three in every 100 people are affected by it.”

“Case History: ‘I felt I was going into meltdown'”

“Until a year ago, Sarah Dacre reckoned she had a “blessed life”. Running her own company, and living in an expensive north London home, the high-earning divorcee described herself as “fab, fit and 40s”. Then suddenly the sight in her right eye failed: she first noticed it when she was unable to read an A-Z map. Soon she was getting pains and numbness in her joints. She could not sleep and spent nights “pacing about like a caged lion”. Her short-term memory failed and if she took notes to remind her, she would forget she had made them.”

“The symptoms got worse whenever she was exposed to electricity. She could not use a computer for more than five minutes without becoming nauseous. Even using a telephone landline gave her a buzzing in the ear and made her feel she was “going into meltdown”.

Electronic Smog

The curse of the mobile phone age: around your home there are countless gadgets whose electrical fields, scientists now warn, are linked to depression, miscarriage and cancer

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

Published: 07 May 2006



1. rich - February 7, 2007

it seems to me that reseachers should be taking a closer look at what effects cell towers electromagnetic frequencies on pregnant women and asperger syndrome

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