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iPods, Your Heart, Pacemakers and EMF’s May 12, 2007

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Ipods could make your heart Skip a Beat

“…portable music players caused pacemakers to malfunction in 50 percent of patients”

“…the biggest concern is that pacemakers store the history of a heart’s rhythms”…”If a physician was to go back and look at that (history), the physician might think that the patient was having abnormal heart rhythms,”…..One danger is that heart patients might be treated for conditions that aren’t really present… if an iPod stopped a pacemaker from working in a patient who was totally dependent on their pacemaker, it could cause the heart to stop…”

“Many electric devices — such as cell phones, appliances, microwave ovens and high tension wires — can produce the same effect”… “doctors tell their patients not to put any electric device over their pacemaker.”

…”telemetry interference” occurred in 29 percent of the patients, and “over sensing” (a pacemaker misreading the heart’s function) occurred in 20 percent of patients. In one patient, the pacemaker stopped working. In some cases, interference was detected even when the iPods were held as far as 18 inches from the chest…..”people with pacemakers need to be aware of the risk..”

“People commonly strap their iPod to the arm right next to their pacemaker or put it in a shirt pocket. There are quite a few situations where they come in proximity to the pacemaker”…”

“… a cardiac electrophysiologist… agrees that iPods can be a danger to patients with pacemakers….iPods can affect pacing function,” …”There is a possibility for a severe reaction, such as loss of consciousness.”

… “Patients with a pacemaker could safely use an iPod, just don’t put it over the device,”….iPods could also pose a problem for patients with implanted pacemaker defibrillators, …”The possibility would be there for inappropriate shock,”… “shocks are quite painful and traumatic for patients.”


Be Careful Using Cell Phone if You Have Pacemaker or Defibrillator October 1, 2006

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Measurements have shown that RF exposure to individuals from use of cellular telephones and other low power wireless transceivers is normally within recommended limits. Some cell phones and other wireless transceivers can affect the operation of heart pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, or other body-mounted medical devices, if the phone is placed directly next to the devices (within a few centimeters). Individuals with such devices should follow their physicians’ recommendations regarding safe use of wireless transceivers.


European Parliament Vote on Research Priorities. EMF? August 31, 2006

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“Current ICT research focuses on miniaturisation, mastering convergence of computing, communications and media technologies, including system interoperability, and convergence with other relevant sciences and disciplines, and on building systems that are able to learn and evolve. From these diverse efforts a new wave of technologies is emerging. ICT research activities will also contribute to a broader range of scientific and technological disciplines including biology, chemistry and life sciences, psychology, pedagogy, cognitive and social sciences, as well as monitor closely any possible impacts of ICT technologies on human health and wellbeing, in particular the effects of electromagnetic radiation.”

Betreff: Research funding for electromagnetic radiation
Von: Eileen O’Connor
Datum: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 13:35:50 +0100

This Thursday (June 15th) Members of the European Parliament will vote to decide on the European Union’s research priorities for 2007-2013.



A Call for Grant Money for Interdisciplinary Research to Study the Biological Effects of EMF’s! August 26, 2006

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It is time for the funding agencies to realizethat we need to be asking new and different questions

about electropollution, EMF’s, and radiation.

There has been considerable research already done showing

relationships between many dis-ease processes and

electromagnetic frequencies. However, there has been a

limitation in the thinking so far, which raises new questions.

What if the cause and effect are not a direct link?

If the cell membrane is being affected by EMF’s, what effect

does that have on the body?

Would it always be the same effect on different kinds

of people?

If the signalizing enzymes are being affected by EMF’s,

would that always show up as the same kind of disease?

Why are some people more susceptible to symptoms from

EMF’s than others? Is there a genetic difference? A

cumulative difference? A geographic differernce?

A psychological difference? A consciousness difference?

A usuage difference?

How can one possibly set up a truly valid scientific study

when there are so many variables?

How long will it be before more people show signs

of cellular damage? How can it be measured?

What tests are there?

Since kids are on the phone much more than adults,

in some cases, are they likely to show symptoms sooner

because of the cumulative effect, or later because of

stronger immune systems?

These are questions that require the input of many

different kinds of professional to set up a good study.

It’s not so simple as saying A cause B.

How many people have to suffer before this issue is resolved?

It’s time to think outside the box!


What is the relationship between Electromagnetic Radiation and Quantum Physics? August 24, 2006

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“Electromagnetic Radiation and Light Wave Energetics”

“All matter is immersed in it and it penetrates everywhere. No doors are closed to ether.”
– Albert Einstein, The Evolution of Physics 1
“The characteristic propagation of energetic electromagnetic radiation (EMR), including light wave propagation in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, is somewhat more complex than simply moving an object from point A to point B:

1. A ray of polychromatic white (colorless) light propagates (radiates) as a diverse mixture of periodic monochromatic waves in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Furthermore, electromagnetic radiation necessarily involves the energetic generation of transverse electric and magnetic fields which are perpendicular (90 degrees, orthogonal) to each other and perpendicular (90 degrees, orthogonal) to the rectilinear (straight line) direction of propagation from point A to point B within the fundamental, irreducible, nonmaterial energy domain.

2. The energetic, transverse (orthogonal) electromagnetic fields self-generate through mutual induction after leaving the original source. Thus the transverse (orthogonal) electromagnetic fields energetically sustain any uninterrupted propagation of electromagnetic radiation such as a ray of white (colorless) light, or an emitted photon of higher or lower frequency outside the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

EMR propagation

Comparing the complexity of light wave and photon propagation with the classic example of water waves created on the calm surface of a lake or pond when a small stone is lobbed into it, the transverse (orthogonal) electric and magnetic fields of light wave (photon) propagation are analogous to the waves or ripples generated horizontally on the surface of the water, and the direction of light wave (photon) propagation is analogous to the stone sinking straight to the bottom.

Nonetheless, the hydrodynamic/electromagnetic imagery suffers a serious breakdown at this point.

Water waves are generated and propagated only transversely (90 degrees, orthogonal) away from a source in the horizontal plane. In marked contrast, the energetic electric and magnetic fields are not only generated perpendicular (90 degrees, orthogonal) to the direction of propagation, they are also simultaneously generated in the direction of propagation. Therefore – given sufficient time – energetic, self-sustaining propagation and constant uniform motion enables any unhindered electromagnetic wave or photon of visible light to cross an unlimited expanse of the material universe at the speed of light.”

A essay and work in progress by A.T. Williams


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A Scientist’s Questions about Tetra August 24, 2006

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“* With all of the research written here showing dangers from electric, magnetic, pulsed microwave electromagnetic fields, why with the officers’ safety at risk are we still sticking to our ridiculous safety limit, which only measures heat?
* Can more information be given to the officers on our Government’s non-lethal weapons programme concerning pulses into the brain around 17.6 Hz, or stored information from other research papers?
* Can the signals from the transmitter to the officer be rechecked as they are listed in the manual as continuous waves, whereas they have been measured independently to be shown to be pulsed? This is important because pulsed radiation is arguably more aggressive than continuous.
NB: the following questions arise from the NRPB document on TETRA, Volume 12, Number 2, 2001, appendixed at the back of this document.
* Section 21 – How much radiation, and of which type is emitted from the case?
* Section 24 – What safeguards are in place to guarantee that the earphones are absolutely leakproof and with the rough and tumble world of the police officer, how often are the earphones going to be checked for leaks? Who will do this, and which type of apparatus will be used?
* Section 25 – What experiments have been done to measure how the officers inside the vehicle are insulated from the transmitting device?
* Section 28 – If a police car is to be used as a relay transmitter, again, what measurements have been taken to ensure the officers are insulated from the electromagnetic waves?
* Section 37 – Why is a pulsed frequency of 17.6 Hz being used when it is known to interfere with the brains’ beta rhythm and it was warned against by the Stewart Committee?
* Section 39/40 – If TETRA becomes widespread to all of the emergency services, reserve officers, traffic wardens, security officers, what is the expected output to be from handsets and the main transmitters? Transmitters generally increase their power to cope with additional calls. Will this be the case for TETRA?
* Section 61 – Has a neurosurgeon been consulted to comment on the effect of TETRA penetrating deep into the head?
* Section 63 – Why does very little information exist on the SAR produced by TETRA hand portables, why has no numerical modelling been carried out? Can this be done before TETRA is used nationally?
* Section 63 – Can all of the information relating to the experiments of measuring radiation inside the head (Gabriel 2000) be made available to the Police Federation for scrutiny, along with an independent peer review assessment from scientists, totally unconnected with the NRPB or communications industry?
* Section 65 – If the SAR’s could be up to 4 times larger than those in table 6, what risk assessment has been carried out for officers receiving radiation with an SAR of over 8 W/kg? Can this information be made available to the Police Federation?
* Section 66 – With the main exposure expected to be at waist level, what research has been carried out relating this to the known deaths of officers from spine cancer from carrying transmitters on their belts? Could this research be made available to the Police Federation?
* Section 66 – Has an ear, nose and throat specialist been contacted for an opinion concerning radiation from the cable being transmitted into the glands of the neck? If not, could this be done?
* Section 67 – As vehicles cannot be relied upon to provide shielding for the officers, can further improvements to insulate the officers be recommended, then scientific studies carried out to test this insulation and all data be made available to the Police Federation?
* Section 68 – If international guidelines could be exceeded, what risk assessment has been carried out for the officers and passers by who may be using pacemakers, insulin pumps, have metal plates in their bodies, or be epileptic? Could this risk assessment be made available to the Police Federation?
Similarly, for Section 69, concerning base station transmitters which will also exceed guidelines.
* Section 76 – Why have no measurements of exposures been made inside or outside vehicles? Could these be done and the data made available to the Police Federation along with how averages are calculated?
* Section 128 – As the possibility is not excluded that TETRA might carry a risk of cancer that becomes manifest many years after first exposure, or there may be a hazard from the pulses around 16 Hz, would it be a good idea to allow the ladies and gentlemen of the police force an opinion in the decision making processes which may concern their long-term health? Should these long-term health risks be published for the police force so that, like members of the armed forces, they may volunteer to expose themselves to possible danger?
* Section 129 – As further research is needed, should this not be done before TETRA becomes national, and can the results be made available to the Police Federation for their scrutiny?
* Section 133 – Again, the possibility of a risk of cancer after many years of exposure is commented on along with the hazard of pulsed radiation at 16 Hz. I repeat my observation that this risk assessment ought to be made available with full consultation with the officers concerned who will be using the system and that they should have the final decision concerning their future health risks. Is this a possibility?
* Section 135, Section 2 – Has a neurosurgeon been contacted to assess the risk of pulsing and its effect on the signalling mechanisms between nerve cells? Could this report please be made available to the Police Federation?
* Section 135, Section 5 – Shouldn’t the human volunteers study on TETRA be carried out before its use becomes widespread?
* Section 135, Section 6 – As an epidemiological study is recommended to be carried out on the use of TETRA and its effects on “a relatively stable workforce with defined patterns of work”, shouldn’t the police officers be asked their permission if they are going to take part in what is a long-term medical study which may result in a number of brain tumours, spine tumours, eye cancers, heart disorders and many other illnesses?
* Section 135, Section 8 – Why is TETRA being used by officers if “only limited information is presently available on exposures from TETRA hand portables and further work is needed to provide more information on exposures from hand portables and from any other transmitting equipment”?”


Secret Report On Cell
Phone Dangers And Tetra
Confidential Report On TETRA Strictly For
The Police Federation Of
England and Wales
By B. Trower