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A Call for Grant Money for Interdisciplinary Research to Study the Biological Effects of EMF’s! August 26, 2006

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It is time for the funding agencies to realizethat we need to be asking new and different questions

about electropollution, EMF’s, and radiation.

There has been considerable research already done showing

relationships between many dis-ease processes and

electromagnetic frequencies. However, there has been a

limitation in the thinking so far, which raises new questions.

What if the cause and effect are not a direct link?

If the cell membrane is being affected by EMF’s, what effect

does that have on the body?

Would it always be the same effect on different kinds

of people?

If the signalizing enzymes are being affected by EMF’s,

would that always show up as the same kind of disease?

Why are some people more susceptible to symptoms from

EMF’s than others? Is there a genetic difference? A

cumulative difference? A geographic differernce?

A psychological difference? A consciousness difference?

A usuage difference?

How can one possibly set up a truly valid scientific study

when there are so many variables?

How long will it be before more people show signs

of cellular damage? How can it be measured?

What tests are there?

Since kids are on the phone much more than adults,

in some cases, are they likely to show symptoms sooner

because of the cumulative effect, or later because of

stronger immune systems?

These are questions that require the input of many

different kinds of professional to set up a good study.

It’s not so simple as saying A cause B.

How many people have to suffer before this issue is resolved?

It’s time to think outside the box!


EMF’s Impair Resistance to Infection August 22, 2006

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“One of the fundamental roles of the immune system is to protect the host from bacterial infection. Both high- and low-frequency EMFs have been shown capable of impairing resistance to infection (18, 19). Szmigielski et al. (18) studied the action of an EMF on the granulopoietic reaction in rabbits that had been subjected to an acute staphylococcal infection……An increase in the number of dead cells and a rise in the liberation of Iysosomal enzymes were found.”

Fig. 7.2. Granulopoietic reaction in infected rabbits exposed to an EMF.

A 200 gauss, 50 Hz EMF also altered the natural resistance to infection (19)….. the exposed animals exhibited more extensive bacterial growth in the Iymph nodes, liver, and spleen, and the phagocytic activity of their blood cells was decreased.

“There are several reports of altered phagocytic capability in animals exposed to high-frequency EMFs (21-24)….. …. there was a marked increase in phagocytic activity of the neutrophils during the first month’s exposure followed by a prolonged period of inhibited activity which lasted until the end of the 10-month exposure period.”

Shandala and Vinogradov also studied the effect of an EMF (1-500 µW/cm2, 2.4 GHz, for 30 days) …EMF-induced alterations in the complement titer in blood serum were also found…. Shandala et al. reported a significant disturbance in the immunological system of rats exposed intermittently to 500 µW/cm2 for 30 days (26): blast cells in peripheral blood, and the rosette-forming cells in the spleen and thymus were both altered following EMF exposure.”

“EMFs have been reported to alter the response of immunocompetent Iymphocytes (27, 28)….B-lymphocytes (responsible for humoral antibody synthesis) and neutrophils are each derived from bone-marrow stem cells. Czerski et al. reported that guinea pigs subjected to a pulsed EMF (2.9 GHz, 1000 µW/cm2, 4 hr./day for 14 days) exhibited an abnormal circadian rhythm of bone-marrow stem-cell mitoses (30). In a comparable study involving guinea pigs, it was found that the EMF altered megakaryocytic activity in the bone marrow (29); it stimulated increased levels of megakaryocyte destruction, and a compensatory proliferation of megakaryoblasts.”


How do the cells and the brain communicate? August 16, 2006

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“Biochemical mechanisms of inter- and intra-cellular signal transduction have become increasingly well characterised, stimulated by studies of weak bioeffects from electromagnetic (EM) fields. Interest in possible adverse effects of weak EM fields and radiation from mobile telephones has also given new impetus to EM field effects on cerebral rhythmic emissions. This paper proposes the existence of a mechanism of interaction between mammalian brains and individual cells by direct physical information transfer, and offers supporting experimental evidence.”

“The hypothesis that endogenous electric fields from the brain can influence cellular processes directly without chemical action is tested by examining their influence on lymphocyte viability as shown by trypan blue exclusion.”….


…”Exposure to the endogenous electric fields of their donor appears to improve the viability of human peripheral blood lymphocytes, whereas exposure to to artificial 50Hz. or RF/MW electric fields depresses viability. This finding may have implications for the avoidance and management of immune-related health disorders. The existence of a purposive biophysical communications system between brain and immune system cells cannot be ruled out.”