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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Health Hazards August 14, 2006

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“With the evidence that electromagnetic fields may harm humans still inconclusive, lawmakers and regulators are struggling to make sensible policy”

“…Experiments …seeking to gauge the impact of EMF on cell behavior suggest that magnetic fields can affect brain cells and bone fracture healing, cause drops in hormone levels, and produce functional changes in isolated cells and tissues. Live animal studies have shown effects on the central nervous system, including animal circadian rhythms.”


A Call For Research on EMF’s in EMS, Biological Dentistry, and Other Medical Specialities August 14, 2006

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There are two primary barriers that have inhibited the development of a strong research program in EMS. They are a paucity of well-trained researchers with an interest in EMS research and a lack of reliable funding sources to support research. There are also three identifiable secondary barriers to EMS research. They are: a lack of recognizing the need for evidence-based practice; standardizing, accessing and sharing data; and complying with the current established ethical requirements for human research.

To some extent, there is a chicken and egg phenomenon at work within the two primary barriers to developing a comprehensive EMS research program. For example, funding agencies understandably prefer to place their funds with researchers who have a track record of proven productivity. However, since there are not many proven researchers with interests in EMS problems, few funds flow into EMS-related research. On the other hand, academic institutions are reluctant to support the professional development of new, EMS-focused researchers because they cannot identify likely funding sources with a history of supporting EMS research.


How Does the Scalar Heal? August 13, 2006

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Improving circulation.

“Research in 1950 at the Max Planck Institute in Germany found that when a mechanically created scalar wave was introduced into a petrie dish containing living cells, the cells separated, lost their clumping and became more active within the fluid medium. This is a significant finding. All disease, injury or degeneration is accompanied by swelling and stasis in blood and lymphatic circulation. The body’s healing substances are then immobilized. Apparently the expansion aspect of the scalar energy improves circulation by removing the pressures. We have found that the scalar energy remarkably reduces swelling. I doubt that this occurs from ionization of fluids because the zero-frequency of the scalar is not ionized.”

Improving chemistry.

“Puharich found improvement in the immune and endocrine systems from in vitro study of scalars. Rein did extensive biological studies using the Teslar watch. Lymphocytes exposed to the Teslar watch scalars increased proliferation by 75% compared to the same watch without a scalar coil. Using other scalar generators he discovered a modulation of basic biochemical communication between nerve cells. Byrd also showed scalar energy increased the strength of low-level EEG frequencies. Rein found individual differences in biological responses to both electromagnetic fields and scalar energy. Our research has shown that the individual’s signature pattern of the electromagnetic field, probably the coherency of the individual’s field, predicts the responsiveness to both energies. Furthermore, Rein questioned how much effect on biotissue could be uniquely attributed to the scalar wave since it exists in a larger electromagnetic field.”


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity August 1, 2006

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An article in the British Medical Journal Vol. 328, Feb 2004 recognises the public concern relating to environmental chemical exposure and the reported effects on health. After reviewing the literature and considering the effects that chemicals may play in the development of human illnesses the authors consider that 75% of most cancers are attributable to environmental and lifestyle factors. Included in these factors are both electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and synthetic chemicals exposures. Some chemicals are known as hormone disrupters as are some frequencies of EMR. Both agents cause biological activity which in turn can reasonably be seen to have adverse effects on the health of the affected system. There are many debilitating and incapacitating conditions which are prevalent in the community other than cancer, that are having an adverse impact on the individual, the family unit and the community as a whole. These conditions can be found to be closely associated with either a chronic or a severe exposure to chemical pollution and or electromagnetic radiation.