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Research Should Be Objective and Funded by Neutral Parties October 4, 2006

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The controversy goes back to a study by Lai and Singh published in a 1995 issue of Bioelectromagnetics. They found an increase in damaged DNA in the brain cells of rats after a single two-hour exposure to microwave radiation at levels considered “safe” by government standards….

…The idea behind that study was relatively simple: expose rats to microwave radiation similar to that emitted by cell phones, then examine their brain cells to see if any DNA damage resulted. Such damage is worrisome because DNA carries the body’s genetic code and breaks, if not repaired properly, could lead to mutations and even cancer….

…”I don’t believe any of those studies have ever been replicated,” …says..a consortium that provides $1 million a year in funding for cell phone¬† research….More recently, a European research effort by 12 groups in seven countries also documented DNA damage from cell phone radiation.”

“….there is “cause for concern” and more work needs to be done. Instead, Lai says, he and his colleague have been the focus of a campaign to discredit their research. Consider:

  • Internal documents from Motorola in the 1990s point to an organized plan to “war-game” Lai’s work.
  • When a scientist in California published results that seemed to support Lai’s findings, he lost research funding and eventually left the field.
  • At one point, the director of a group created to manage $25 million in industry-donated research money sent a memo to then-UW President Richard McCormick saying that Lai and Singh should be fired.
  • Federal money for scientific investigation in the field has dried up, supplanted by funding from the industry-funding that Lai and others say can come with restrictions so oppressive they hamper scientific inquiry.

The stakes, both in terms of potential ramifications and profits, are high. According to consulting firm Deloitte & Touche, the global wireless market is expected to grow to two billion subscribers by the end of this year. An overall dollar figure for the industry would easily be in the hundreds of billions, according to Louis Slesin, who as editor of Microwave News has followed the ins and outs of research in the field of bioelectromagnetics for more than 20 years.”