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Sound, Noise, Vibration and….Circulation October 23, 2006

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  "In art processes, noise can be caused by vibration, forging,

woodworking and other machinery, pneumatic tools, exhaust fans,

etc.  In particular, old or improperly maintained equipment tends

to create more noise.  In general, if someone has to raise their

voice to be heard by another person one to two feet away, then

the noise level is too high, especially if it is a steady noise....
Some studies have shown that woodworking teachers have a higher rate
of hearing loss than other teachers."

     "Sound intensity is measured in decibels (dB), on a

logarithmic scale.  In this scale, 90 dB is ten times more

intense than 80 dB, and 110 dB is ten times more intense than 100

dB.  The sound intensity doubles for every increase of 3 dB,

showing that small increases in decibel levels can involve large

increases in sound intensity.  Table 7-1 shows the decibel levels

of common sounds.


Table 7-1   Approximate Sound Levels of Common Noise Sources

Source                                       Sound Level (dB)

Jet engine                                      160

Loud amplified music                            118

Planer                                          115

Portable grinder                                110

Circular saw                                    105

Sander, foundry                                  95

Classroom teaching voice at 3 feet               75

Normal speaking voice at 3 feet

"Pneumatic and vibrating equipment such as chain saws can

also create problems due to vibration.  Raynaud's phenomenon,

which is also called "white fingers" or "dead fingers", affects

the circulation of the fingers, causing them to turn white from

lack of blood and to lose sensation.  Vibration can cause this,

particularly with simultaneous exposure to cold, for example,

from the air blast of pneumatic tools.  This condition is

initially temporary, but can spread to the whole hand and cause

permanent damage."


What is Bluetooth, and Is It Safe? September 27, 2006

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Bluetooth is a method for datacommunication that uses short-range radiolinks to replace cables between computers and their connected units.

It is a matter of concern for some people that the carrier waves used by Bluetooth´s transmitters use the same frequency range as microwave owens (Bluetooth uses 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz). What does it feel like to get in the path of such waves?

Actually, the transmitting power is…too weak to be noticeable for humans….the radiation is not concentrated in a beam, but dispersed more or less in all directions. When using a wireless phone or a Bluetooth device, some of the emitted RF energy is absorbed by the body. The penetration depth is about 1.5 cm at 2450 MHz (about 2.5 cm at 900 MHz)…..The main absorption mechanism is fieldinduced rotation of polar molecules (for example H2O), which generates heat through molecular “friction”.

Heating by means of radio frequencies is possible over a broad frequency range. This is taken advantage of in microwave ovens at 2450 MHz using very high power levels (up to 1,000,000 times the power used by Bluetooth devices). However, 2450 MHz is not a resonance frequency of water. “There is, however, another side to this; some people are demonstrably over-sensitive to electromagnetic radiations. Long exposure to strong fields make some individuals so sensitive, after a few years, that they can no longer be near such fields without considerable discomfort. Bluetooth fits into a general development pattern where antennas for GSM-transmission and other sources of electromagnetic radiations become more and more prevalent in our cities. The future will show whether this is a healthy development.”

What is EMF Exposure? September 26, 2006

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Health Risks

“EMFs from cell phones are directed into the ear, jaws, teeth, eyes, scalp, brain, hypothalamus, sinuses, and pineal gland. The full extent of harm from external EMF exposure is not yet fully documented. A calcified pineal gland in humans reduces melatonin production, as is the case in 60% of Americans over 50 years of age. The pineal gland has documented effects on reproductive function, growth, body temperature, blood pressure, motor activity, sleep, tumor growth, mood, the immune system, and longevity. It has been known for over 20 years that very small magnetic fields influence the pineal gland, causing an increase, or decrease, in the production of melatonin and serotonin. These two neurohormones have many functions including the direct control of all biocycles in the body.”

“It has been known for sometime that, “radar beams (composed of pulsed microwaves) have the highest power densities of any EMR sources. In the lab, both radio frequency and microwave radiation have been shown to change the gateway-barrier function of cell membranes, upset hormone balances and induce chromosome defects, all of which are factors in malignant growth.”

“With the current proliferation of cell phone use, scientists and grassroots advocates have been attempting to raise public awareness about the health hazards associated with electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by cell phones and transmission towers. EMR pollution is not unique to the telecommunications industry. All electrical devices including hair dryers, electric blankets, computers, etc., produce electromagnetic radiation (EMR).”