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Radio Frequency Antennas and Towers Across the U.S. February 8, 2008

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Do Not Put Your Laptop in Your Lap-video August 28, 2007

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Please go to this site:


Universal chips to protect yourself from your laptop are available.


Please click on subjects on the right for more information about the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the human body.

Shielding of AC Magnetic Field April 26, 2007

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“It is natural to assume that some kind of shielding will be the best way to eliminate or reduce an AC magnetic field. Unfortunately, EMF shielding is generally the least effective, hardest, and most expensive way to handle a power-frequency AC magnetic field, if it works at all.”… “shielding does work easily and well for static or low-frequency electric fields – using any sheet of metal, metal screen, or metal fencing, provided the metal is grounded.”…”EMF shielding works well for both the electric and magnetic components of higher-frequency RF and microwave fields”….. “we can shield even higher frequency electromagnetic fields, still more easily. For instance, anything opaque will stop visible light (which is an electromagnetic radiation) or ultraviolet radiation. Even X-radiation can be shielded, though it begins to get harder again in that range, requiring lead or thick metal.”

“But we can’t shield power-frequency AC magnetic fields.”…Or rather, we may be able to do so, but the cost is typically prohibitive…“Magnetic shielding is a last resort. It never makes good sense (either for a homeowner with health concerns or for a business owner with shimmying-computer-picture problems) to start out by thinking of shielding”….”Almost every high-AC-magnetic-field problem in a house or business building can be solved more economically (often much more economically) in some other way – by eliminating the field’s source or by moving further away from it.”