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What is a Frequency Band? September 12, 2006

Posted by healthyself in 3- 30 kHz, 3-30 GHz, 3-30 mHz, 30-300 GHz, 30-300 kHz, 30-300 mHz, 300-3000 kHz, 300-3000 mHz, Blogroll, Cell phone safety, Definitions, EHF, ELF, EMF's, Environment, Frequencies, HF, LF, MF, radiation, SHF, UHF, VLF.
Bands of Frequencies
Band Frequency
VLF Very Low Frequency 3-30 kHz
LF Low Frequency 30-300 kHz
MF Medium Frequency 300-3000kHz
HF High Frequency 3-30 MHz
VHF Very High Frequency 30-300 MHz
UHF Ultra High Frequency 300-3000 MHz
SHF Super High Frequency 3-30 GHz
EHF Extremely High Frequency 30-300 GHz