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This blog is being developed by Dr. Aurelie Laurence, who is a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist.


1. Kathy Perry - August 5, 2006

Sometimes it gets overwhelming when you see all this technical information about the dangerous world we live in – people become apathetic when presented with a danger at every turn. It’s nice to know that there is a solution that’s available, affordable and simple to use in protecting yourself.

Kathy Perry, Founder

2. Rosita Brennan - August 10, 2006

I passed a “NO CELL TOWER IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD” sign the other day. The person in the car with me commented, “I don’t know why people are so against technology.” Well, I know why–because what we don’t know CAN hurt us. Thanks, Dr. Aurelie Laurence, for helping me become more aware.

3. Maxine - September 18, 2006

We are fighting against the erection of a 3G mast in our village. There are 2 primary schools ,2 private day nursery’s and a large High school nearby. Also I have a 2 year old son who has down syndrome, he is a beautiful little boy who is doing so well developmental. My concern is he is already genetically compromised due to the additional chromasones,but how will this mast effect him at a cellar level and will this impact on his risk of developing serious health problems ie Leukemia in the future. There are already 8 masts within a mile radius. I don’t know how long the others have been there, but I miscarried 3 baby’s around 10 weeks before I got pregnant with my youngest son.

4. James Beal - October 30, 2006

You have a great info website. Please check my website for additional support. I have thousands of references in my files, dating from 1965 and earlier and hundreds of supportive bioeffects research reports….on both the hazards and healing aspects of EMFs. Have been collecting and networking EMF data since 1970. Am now doing home, business, and property inspections for hazardous EMF/EMR and consulting on mitigation….business is picking up lately, as public becomes more informed.

Important IBE Building Biology & Alumni conference at Ghost Ranch, Santa Fe, NM Nov 11 &12 (International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology–IBE) http://www.buildingbiology.net. Regards, JB

5. Zosia Miller - November 23, 2006

My first experience with radiation greeted me with the feeling like I had no body, that it was splattered on the walls and the ceiling of my hotel room in Hong Kong, at a 5 day layover. I felt absolutely disoriented losing balance while trying to stand up and walk to open the curtains to the hotel room. My nerves felt electrocuted. I thought I had jet lag in a major way. When I opened the curtains, there were 3 huge satellite dishes on top of other hotel rooftops which faced the hotel that I was staying in. Arriving back in Canada, this same feeling came over me whenever I entered any room that had wireless devices r driving by huge power lines. It took 4 years later of praying, researching and waiting for an answer to my request for help. I am a extremely sensitive to all sorts of electropollution. At times I did not want to live.
Thank God that a dear friend shared with me that BIOPRO offered solutions, not only protect but to also remove the accumulated toxicity that this type of radiation incurs. Their nutritionals, also powered by ERT truly de-stresses our energetic field, supports & strengthens it.
Now I am fully functioning human being who is enjoying life to the full and educating others how chaotic energies disrupt and short circuit harmony necessary to our health.

6. watch123 - December 8, 2006

Good site.

7. Gilligan Joy - December 23, 2006

I’m actually free from electrical sensitivity after nearly dying from it, and my website has been created as a result of my experience with overcoming the illness. My hope is that other people will be able to free themselves from the illness by applying what I have learned.

Lucia - May 4, 2011

Which is your website address?

8. Valintino - April 9, 2007

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

9. Rebecca Michaelides - August 14, 2007

Hi, we are considering getting satellite internet in our home (wildblue) and I wanted to get any feedback on the emf safety of this technology.
Thanks for any input.

10. Inez Kelly - September 3, 2007

Very interesting website. Can you tell me if there has been any testing on the frequency of gemstones such as Rose Quartz. I would appreciate whatever information or direction that would assist me. I read about Bruce Tainio’s work the in the book Healing Oils of the Bible and was quite astonished by his findings particularly Rose oil reading 320MHz.
Thank you for your consideration.


11. Mafia John - April 5, 2008

when was this site created?

12. linda hammers - May 31, 2008

A number of years ago my condo association allowed Verizon to install their antennas and the equipment associated with them on our building without a vote from the homeowners. Now they are having an election to amend our bylaws to allow management to enter into a contract with Verizon (because of my lawsuit). I have a top floor, corner unit. The antennas are right outside my bedroom window. I have a photo of my hand in front of them. I had leaks, and toxic species of mold. So I am not only concerned about radiation, but I am concerned about the mold as well. I lost my job position a year ago. I believe it was because of poor attendance the past 3 years. When I hired a lawyer two years ago, I did not have nodules on my lungs and I was not getting nosebleeds. I have become very sick. I am deteriorating financially, physically, and emotionally. I think my lawyer is waiting for me to develop cancer before he will do something. Parts of my ceilings fell down, exposing cinder blocks. My walls are separating. I haven’t slept in my bed for over two years now. I wish someone could help me.

13. Annie - June 6, 2008


Could you provide me scientific research materials on what you have discussed? I am doing a report and I need to furnish scientific data on this..would really appreciate your help…I saw that you did mentioned references to some studies – hope that you can forward me the info or let me know where I can get them…thanks so much

14. Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan - September 4, 2008

Please see my new book on sound healing frequencies — SONA; Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance at the web site: http://www.communityguilds.org/music.

15. emosko - May 26, 2009


My name is Jesse and I stumbled upon your WordPress blog
several days ago. I have noticed that you are not posting to your blog regularly anymore and have not posted to it in a long time. In light of this I was wondering if you might be interested in selling it.

If I did purchase it I would be want to keep everything exactly as you have it on the site. I would only add new subpages with new posts.

Please get back to me and let me know either way.


16. Morgan Kerr - June 3, 2009

I’ve been trying to have an astral projection for years using binaural beats, hypnosis, lucid dream machines and I have maxed out my credit card buying all this stuff that doesn’t work. Please if there is any possible device or system out there please let me know.

I had this idea of a Electromagnetic Brain Frequency Inductor – I don’t know if that makes sense or not but there has to be something that can make me have an astral projection.

Please email me ASAP: morgankerr@aol.com
Or give me a call: (519)371-8912
Thank you for listening
Morgan Kerr

17. Jerry - June 8, 2009

Those reading this site may also be interested in binaural beats JetCityOrange.com/meditation/Schumann-Resonance.html and the Schumann Resonance JetCityOrange.com/meditation/Schumann-Resonance.html

JetCityOrange features free binaural beat MP3 downloads among other things.

18. HimalayanGifts - May 7, 2010

Protect yourself from these harmful radiations today!
http://himalayangift.wordpress.com has the answer on what you can use to protect yourself and your family.
My family and I are all using it and we can feel the different in the energy levels as well.

19. Angela Brooks - March 5, 2014

Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.


angelabrooks741 gmail.com

20. oren - January 12, 2017

If you are looking to gift a bluetooth headset to someone dear to you, consider a headset with more value and a very important feature: radiation free. Recent research proved that the EMF radiation from cellphones is directly linked to brain cancer. Our patented Radiation Free Headset does not only have great sound, but also provides protection against harmful radiation. Check it out here: https://www.wellnessonesource.com/collections/radiation-protection/products/radiation-free-bluetooth-headset?variant=27238554247

21. Elaine Seal - February 8, 2017

I have some very interesting things I can add to this page and research if your doing it. These articles have given me more relief than you could imagine. I’m not crazy or possessed. Wow, I went into Atwoods monday, I was upset, all ….all their registers shut down their computers and phones. I had to go get cash, they never came back up that day. I have fried cell phones, 3 Ipads, computer, bank computers on and on. Wow thank you.

22. Alicia - March 12, 2018

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. God bless you.

I want to know if the radiation from the phone smartphone increased by using lenses for myopia?

23. mary - March 30, 2018

I do not know how to contact you but I think you should check out EMF site http://www.altermedicine.org with many good emf articles….the dude even posted some kind of emf curtain shied and is posting all kinds of test

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