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Leukemia and Diabetes Increase with Electrical Exposure (EMF) December 3, 2007

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(1) Shocking News (dba) is a registered publisher of science-based information dedicated to public awareness of electric and magnetic¬† fields (EMF) in the living environment and their effects on the health and welfare of humans and animals. Editor is Don Hillman Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Science, with help from his wife Mary, MS, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. ¬†Member of The American Society of Agricultural Engineers, and The American Dairy Science Association. Telephone (517) 351-9561.“Credible scientific journals have reported that excessive exposure of humans and animals to electric and magnetic fields (EMF) can affect mental and physical health of people and animals.”

“Concern of health officials about increasing diabetes, obesity, and deaths from childhood leukemia of the U.S. population are reported daily in local news. This review relates mainly to recent discoveries showing relationships of EMF to diabetes and leukemia, although evidence for brain tumors and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is equally apparent.”

“EMF in some homes, schools, and workplaces may be excessive where utility primary neutrals are grounded to earth and bonded to secondary (user) neutral conductors and to water pipes which permeate the walls and living environment of premises. Exposure to electronic equipment emitting excessive EMF contributes further to radio frequency radiation (RFR) sensitivity and illness”……”Electricity and EMF permeate the premises of every citizen, yet no monitoring nor protection from dirty electricity is enforced by law while utilities are increasingly deregulated and contributing to pollution.”

“Diabetes claimed 69,301 lives in 2000. Today in the United States there are 18.2 million diabetics; a third of whom aren’t aware they have the disease. Every year 1.3 million more new cases are diagnosed in people 20 years and older, according to the Joslin-Diabetes Center in Boston, the American Diabetes Association, and the Associated Press. Diabetics are more prone to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, nervous system disease, and amputations [Lansing State Journal, 9/28/04]…..”



Link Between EMF’s and Diabetes September 8, 2006

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“Magda Havas, an environmental science professor at Trent, ….. teaches a course on the biological impact of electromagnetic radiation and radio frequencies – the only one of its kind in Canada.”

“Her work with people with MS, diabetes and other illnesses documents how
many found their symptoms improved when their environments were electrically
cleaned, so to speak, by placing capacitators (filters) throughout their
homes. Brad Blumbergs has progressive multiple sclerosis and says he walked
with a cane until he volunteered for Havas’s experiment. Michelle
Illiatovitch’s daughter suffered from chronic fatigue from the time she was
eight and saw her energy return once an electrician fixed some faulty wiring
in their home and filters were put in her North York school.”

“Explains Havas,”We can take a person who is diabetic and put them in an
[electrically] dirty environment, and their blood sugar levels rise. We then
put them into a clean environment, and within half an hour their blood sugar
levels are lower. It becomes a barometer.”

“Why diabetes? Scientists have long known stress affects the disease. But
what researchers like Columbia cellular biophysics prof Martin Blank say is
that electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies actually trigger stress
responses in cells.”

NOW magazine, Toronto March 9, 2006



Blood Sugar Levels and EMF’s September 8, 2006

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Are Increasing Electrical Pollution Levels a Factor in the Rising Rate of Diabetes?

Diabetes Graph

“The graph above illustrates blood sugar versus electrical pollution levels measured using the peak to peak electrical pollution meter designed by Professor Emeritus at University of California in Berkeley Dr. Martin Graham.”

“This person was initially diagnosed with Type II diabetes mellitus or adult onset diabetes. The diagnosis was changed after the doctors were shown that the person could eat anything, as long as the electrical pollution levels were low, without causing elevated blood sugar levels. However, when pollution levels were high the person’s blood sugar would shoot up, without eating anything.”