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EMF’s March 9, 2016

Posted by healthyself in Cell phone safety.

[This is about] radiation emitted from wireless devices. Wi-Fi, cell phones, cordless phones, laptops, baby monitors and other wireless technology all emit electromagnetic radiation, which has been classified as a Class 2B Carcinogen and “possibly carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organization.

Some people don’t take the dangers of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF)seriously, probably because the research is still in its infancy. However, several studies have found associations between cell phones and infertility as well as possible links to brain cancer, along with a host of other unfortunate outcomes. 

Well I’m certainly not going to quit using my technology, but I also won’t be waiting around for scientists to affirm that radiation is indeed hazardous to health, especially since there’s ways to minimize exposure to these invisible waves, such as:

  • Mobile Management – Avoid wearing your cell phone or keeping it near you whenever possible. If you’re going to be in one spot for awhile (like your office) place it out of arms reach, but still within earshot. This has the added benefit of getting you up and moving when you receive a call or text. We should be standing up from our desk at least every 20-30 minutes anyway.
    Similarly, at night, move your mobile devices away from your body or power them all the way off (even in airplane mode, the battery still emits radiation). Don’t sleep with a cell phone near your head. Use an actual alarm clock to wake you up, or keep your cell at a distance that requires you to get out of bed to silence it.Although it’s going to be difficult, think twice about giving your child a cell phone or letting them play with yours. Kids are particularly vulnerable to EMFs due to their thinner skulls and bones, so limit their exposure as much as possible.
  • Hardwire – Keep cell phone use at a minimum and use a land line whenever possible. Another way to keep your phone away from your body is to invest in a good wired headset, as wireless headsets can still expose you to unwanted radiation. Consider turning off your Wi-Fi and using an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet. This limits exposure to background levels of Wi-Fi. If your devise doesn’t have an Ethernet port, you can get a USB to Ethernet converter.
  • Use EMF protection –  There’s all sorts of EMF-blocking productsavailable that can help block radiation from your wireless devises. Check out the links below!
  • Don’t Guess, Test! Use an EMF testing meter to determine the sources of radiation in your home so you can do something about them.
  • Do a Digital Detox – Beyond radiation exposure, our relationship with technology can become just as addictive and unhealthy as anything else. This week our nutritionist Aimee wrote about Why You Need a Digital Detox. Aimee shares some simple and powerful tips for how to dial down stress caused by technology overuse. 

Check out the links below for more information on electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and some ways to protect yourself and your family from getting Wi-Fried. Most importantly, don’t stress about it! It’s virtually impossible to avoid all forms of radiation in this day and age, but by taking the simple steps outlined here, you can greatly minimize your exposure.

Kinsey JacksonLMP, MS, CNS®



1. Yoram Acram - March 9, 2016


2. dorothybonner36056 - April 8, 2016

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3. Laura - February 14, 2017

I am a victim of EMF that control human behavior. Hard to believe, but it’s TRUE!!!

4. Tom Clint - February 28, 2017

I am glad you site this “Some people don’t take the dangers of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF)seriously, probably because the research is still in its infancy”, that is why we do Wireless and Radio performance testing and we make sure that a device is within the regulated and safe EMF

5. Wireless Radio Testing - February 28, 2017

Wireless Radio testing is the testing of the Radio performance of transmitters, transceivers and receivers. Each region has their own requirements and within a region such as Europe there may be additional requirements per individual country within the member states. Below are a few of the more commonly requested regions were testing is mandatory.

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