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Electromagnetic Frequencies and Mold December 27, 2007

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Could the mold have been there before but the WIFI (RF) made the immune system more sensitive to the mold?

Often it is blamed on the building being full of “mold”, and the testing is done after everything is removed, including the computer labs (WIFI Networks). You never seem to hear from the scientists who study molds, do they know where it came from and why its found in schools and computer labs at work?

Could the so called mold be generated faster then normal with RF waves?

Could the mold have been there before but the WIFI (RF) made the immune system more sensitive to the mold?


“Sick Building Syndrome”




If this is the case, then there are a number of generations that are armed with less of an immune system then any generations from before. Minor flues can become major problems. RF may appear to be effecting only a percentage that use a cell phone too much, but in reality – it is really effecting every single persons own immune system. Viruses cant be winning all these fights, all of a sudden unless there was a weakness in the immune system.

Wireless Virus Syndrome Referred To In SwedenElectro Hyper-Sensitivity

In RussiaMicrowave Sickness or Radio Field Sickness In SpainMad Wave Desease



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