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Disguised Cell Towers November 27, 2007

Posted by healthyself in "Cellular" Relay Antennas, Accelerated Aging, Bioeffects, Blogroll, Cacti, Cell phone industry, Cell phone safety, Cell phone towers, Cell Phone Transmissions, Cell Phones, Cellular Phone Frequencies, cellular signal transduction pathways, Chimneys, Church, Cordless Phones, Electromagetic pollution, Electromagnetic Communications, Electromagnetic Field, Electromagnetic Radiation, Electromagnetic Signals, Electrosensitivity, ELF, Emergency Medicine, EMF Exposure, EMF's, EMF-induced effects, Flagpoles, Frequencies, Guidelines, Health related, Health Risks, Health warnings, Legal Issues, Lifestyle, Long Term Health Effects, Long Term Health Risks, Magnetic Field Exposure, Men's Health, Microwave exposure, Mobile Music, Mobile Phone Transmissions, mobile telephones, Power poles, Public Policy, Pulsed Radiation, Research Needed, Risk of Disease, Steeples, Stress, Trees, Who is Affected?, Wireless, Wireless Phones, Wireless Revolution, Wireless Transmitter, Women's Health.

If you are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies, it is becoming harder to know how to avoid them.  If you have physical problems that you do not understand, this could be part of the problem.


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