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No More Bees, No More Man…. April 27, 2007

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“…..[An epidemiologist] laid the blame for the sudden demise (often within 72 hours) of entire bee colonies on the recent proliferation of electromagnetic waves (EMF). He cited the startling statistic that, at present, there are some 2.5 billion cell phone users around the world. While this (plus the explosive growth of cell phone towers) used to be the major concern, the problem has been significantly exacerbated by the recent introduction of satellite radio. Imagine being closeted in a confined environment filled with chain smokers; it would be impossible for you to get a breath of clean air. It is becoming equally difficult for you to avoid the now-measurable damage from EMF exposure….[he]…commented that the constant electromagnetic background noise seems to disrupt intercellular communication within individual bees, such that many of them cannot find their way back to the hive….a recent study conducted by [a] University …found that cell phone towers …could well be the cause behind the mysterious disappearance of butterflies, some insects (like bees), and birds….bees are the modern-day counterpart of the canaries that miners used to carry with them as they descended into the mine shafts. If the birds died, it was an early warning of a buildup of toxic gases in the mine. When canaries die or bees disappear, we are being cautioned that we too are in immediate danger. It is time to listen to the message nature is telling us….I shudder to think of what will become of humankind if we linger too long in stage two: “no more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

Jean-Claude Gerard Koven


1. ####Todd - April 30, 2007

I asked a M.D. about cell phones and brain cancer his reply:
you are placing your head in a microwave oven while it’s on everytime
you put the cell phone to your head.
He said in a stern voice that he could be sued and would
deny the whole statement if I told someone the real truth…

I know to many important people that have died of unexplained
brain cancer that have used cell phones as well as stomach
cancer by wearing thier cell phone on thier waist.

Oprah a billionaire was recently asked on her show how many cell phones do you own she said none.
Her personal M.D. was on the show and the question was asked
do cell phones pose a danger he said the brain cells on the side
of the brain where the cell phone was used are altered.

This is a big billion doallar industry that isn’t going down with
out a big fight.

I am using my right of free speech for this comment.
you own
you own


2. dev - May 18, 2007

i agree….should have just kept everthing analog

3. shelly kalnitsky - July 30, 2007

Iam the editor of the cell phone radiation news bureau
http://www.cprnews.com where I have reports on cell phone dangers under world news.
Also review the august edition of Life Extension magazine with major reports on cell phone dangers, a major breakthrough in this country in reporting the potential health risks of cell phone usage.

4. Fred333 - December 7, 2007

A microwave oven… that is a little harsh, but I could see his point.

5. Miley Cyrus - June 25, 2008

should man interfere in the process of pollination?? it is 4 my hw…..

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