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“codes” April 27, 2007

Posted by healthyself in codes.

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1. Mitzrn - April 30, 2007

I am not only concerned about the bees…

I am concerned about the human race. We are now subjected to a new pollutant that we can neither see or feel. I feel that this new, 21st Century Pollution, is going to be the new pandemic. Dr. George Carlo, the scientist that has studied this, is concerned also.

I am a nurse, and I am sure that I am electro-sensitive. I have had tumors on the right side of my body. ( which is where I have held a cell phone for over 20 years). One was cancerous (7 surgeries to get it all) and the other is a benign tumor in the right side of my skull.

Because EMF’s are vibrational frequencies that our bodies’ find as foreign, EMP’s stimulate the stress response in our immune system.
This is hard on the human body…must less on a constant basis. This is now happening because of all the wireless devices that are carrying more complex data, and are in our environment on a regular basis if you live in a city.

Please think about yourselves, along with worrying about the bees.

Take care!


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