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The PH of the Human Body and Electrical Resistance April 14, 2007

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“Though many people are vaguely aware that an alkalizing diet is generally healthier than one that causes excess acidity in the body, most people probably do not even know that pH stands for “potential hydrogen,” and they also probably do not know what diseases are caused by pH imbalances nor how diet and herbs affect pH balance”….” The speed of biochemical reactions in the body is affected by the “potential hydrogen” which is measured on a scale of zero to 14, with seven being neutral. Anything below seven is acidic and anything above is alkaline. The main characteristic of alkalinity is electrical resistance, meaning that metabolism is slower and there is also more potential for taking up hydrogen. Acid, on the other hand, is hot and “catabolic”: it results in faster breakdown because electricity travels faster in an acidic environment, an environment that for these and other reasons is less stable than an alkaline milieu… There are many theories of illness, but one of them that is rather widely accepted is that all disease begins in an acidic terrain and is reversed when the conditions supporting pathogenicity are corrected.”


” how might the 20th century have been different if Bechamp had prevailed over Pasteur. …”medicine would have had to focus on diet and immunity rather than germs, vaccines, and drugs. This would have gradually empowered the patient because responsibility for health would be a more personal matter…”

“The milieu is a word for the condition of the body. Often, it refers to one site that is compromised by restricted circulation, old injury, or infection. In the circles where pleomorphism is understood and taken seriously, it is known that specific organisms, what Pasteur called germs, change under differing conditions. The milieu or terrain can be manipulated in such a way as to reverse pathogenicity….”When the pH is imbalanced, organisms change and symptoms of disease begin to appear. For instance, E. coli, an abundant bacterial form, can become salmonella typhi and then mycobacterium tuberculosum, then various yeast forms, and finally the virus ..[is] identified as causing cancer: BX (bacterium X) and then BY (bacterium Y), a virus …in sarcomas”…… “every specialist simply applies the tools he or she know best so one person may rely more heavily on diet, another on herbs or supplements, another on electromagnetic frequencies, and perhaps another on sound or color. The point is simply to recognize that we have considerably more control over the disease process than we imagined since basically we choose our own foods and can self-prescribe a wide range of herbs, most of which are alkalizing.”



1. Douglas Crabtree - November 2, 2007

I am a agronomist and studied cancer for 30 years. I have a theory based on Ph and health. Soils vary throughout the world but eventually end up in the oceans. This variation in soil causes health deficiencys. The earth is made of rock, ( 98minerals) which are electrical, thus causing lightning along with hot and cold temperatures. We ingest plants (phytonutrients) that become electrical from the minerals. Livestock and humans become electrical (ex. EKG). When the soils meet the ocean there is a phenominon. All 98 minerals attract to each other electicly and create the perfect fuel for plants to produce bio chemical compounds essential for optimum health (proteins, carbs,enzymes,hormones etc). Dr Maynard Murry proved this in the 1930’s by fertilizing plants with seawater which produces extreme yeilds and health. The rusults were a cure for cancer. Cancer is simply a lack of Oxygen to cells caused by low alkilinity. SEA MINERALS OR EVEN SEA SALT CAN CURE CANCER AND MOST DISEASES. Seasalt acually lowers blood presure, man made salt is poisoness. But, its the bio chemical compounds produced by plants that is key to perfect health and longivity. We are built to live well over 100 years of age. The ocean is Gods gift to our health and we are blind to this fact.

Douglas Crabtree

2. Jeannine - November 2, 2007

A good source of pure salt, as well as incredibly good whole food snack foods, can be found here and its FREE to join:


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