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Sensitivity of Children to EMF Exposure April 5, 2007

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5 yr old

10 yr old




1. michael - June 14, 2007

is this the efects from power cables, if so where can i find some information on this subject, as 132Kv lines are about to be laid in front of my house , we have smal childern, and are concerned for there saftey.
Any help would be great as i think we are in for a long fight.

2. Gini Fenley - July 21, 2007

You are right about being in for a big fight. Modern technology really is a two edged sword. On the one hand it adds convenience and makes our lives simpler. On the other hand there are risks or health hazards that come with the technology, particularly in the case of wireless technologies which includes cell phones, wireless routers, cell phone towers and antennas and wi-fi hotspots. The problem is with the EMR (electro magnetic radiation) or EMF (electro magnetic field) that is emitted from these devices, as well as other devices in our homes and offices such as cordless phones, computers, televisions and household appliances. This is literally creating a toxic environmental condition known as electropollution and we are being affected by it 24/7. The effects are cumulative and children are the most vulnerable. The pictures show the penetration into the skull of radiation from a cell phone. There is a lot of research into the physiological effects of exposure to EMR. Dr. George Carlo headed up a six year study on the safety of cell phones. He has written a book, “Cell phones: Invisible Hazards of the Wireless Age”. He also heads up The Safe Wireless Initiative, a non-profit organization to research and educate about this public health problem. The website is The public health paradigm to mitigate the effects of electropollution, as described by Dr. Carlo, requires primary, secondary and tertiary interventions.

3. Julie robertson - February 7, 2008

I became concerned after watching Ghost Hunters – they use EMF devices and often find electrically toxic conditions in homes. My daughter’s bed is on the wall that our breaker box is on. Is this a concern that i should research and what are any EMF symptoms I need to be aware of?


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