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Mobile Communications Masts and Sensations in the Head March 23, 2007

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Well-documented events
posted by Andy Davidson on 02 Apr 2006 at 11:51 pm
“The issue of metallic taste and head sensations is widely documented and reported among people living near mobile communications masts. Metal chelation is obviously at issue here, so this is potentially more than just an inconvenience….there can be strong correlation between reported symptoms such as these and the installation and operation of masts.”….with so many people suffering from mobile transmitters, they will not be taken seriously….Common sense reading of existing research suggests that the dielectric conditions of a mouth containing mixed-ph aqueous solutions and mixed metals, will create normal electro-chemical responses and forces.”[!!!]”Further, there is strong research evidence of how specific biochemistry is affected by chronic low-level radiation….There is a simple test: remove the source for sufficient duration.”

“Supposing you could persuade your operator to do so (pigs might fly). First, done in a “blind test” way this would be considered to be a live-subject experiment with potential harmful effects, so the ethics committee would have to be involved and all those in proximity advised and their permission sought. (Ironic, given the circumstances.) But only removal-without-knowing would provide the results needed — and then it would still not be “proof”.”

“If you can, the alternative is to attenuate the signals by shielding and see if that makes a difference. If it does, forget the proof and enjoy the relief, because no-one is ever going to want to believe you anyway….those who suffer from mast radiation experience intense frustration by not being believed. Those who don’t, can’t understand why what people say is more important than lab study results, despite the poor understanding of what is going on. Above all of them is a political and corporate need to perpetuate the myth that there are no biological responses leading to adverse health effects. Can you imagine masts being removed because they hurt people? That would be an admission too far with wide-reaching consequences.”



1. Isobel - August 1, 2008

Hi, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have had the type of high “cicada buzz” tinnitus for many years which I have learned to live with (particularly at night) by having the windows wide open and allowing the insect noise to drown it out.

Last year however, I woke up with the faint sound of a “swimming pool pump” when it starts running dry. Note this was not a rythmical sound.I subsequently realized that the noise was in fact in my left ear. Over the last year, it has developed to the point where is sounds like a continuous loud hooter.

The interesting thing is that it disappears completely when I travel to other places ranging from 100km’s to 1200km’s and as far away as Budapest where I stayed for two weeks. It comes back with a vengeance once I return here, each time louder than before. Often, my ear is bright red and feeling quite pressurized but not in the “blocked ear” sort of way – more like a sound overload from the hifi speakers.

I considered initially that it may be altitude as we are quite high here. But my home is in an area where there are celphone masts (have been for many years) and in the last two years, the newer broadband receivers/transmitters have been installed. I have amalgam fillings in most back teeth, four gold-alloy crowns and a partial rebuild of the upper jaw with amalgam. Could I be acting as a transmitter? All other avenues have been explored! I know me ear doctor gave me a funny look when I suggested it. Oh! By the way, I am fifty years old, a fitness nut, eat anything and everything, am not on any medication – not inclined to conspiracy theories, so this dreadful noise in my ear is not adding quality to my lifestyle!!

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