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Have YOU noticed a Problem with YOUR Teeth near a Cell Tower? March 23, 2007

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posted by Christine Ellis on 19 Mar 2006 at 9:58 am

“I have been working for a local District Council for 18 yrs and approximately 3 years ago a mast was erected outside our office window. Since then I have had problems with my teeth, pain in my mouth quite regularly over these years.”

“I have requested information from my Health & Safety Officer and twice got back the latest information on the dangers of these masts, which is saying there is no proven risks. In the last 6 months, we have had 5 new ladies employed in our office, all working in the same vicinity of this mast. 2 of the five have had severe problems with their teeth in these 6 months, one has very back teeth anyway, I have had one wisdom tooth losen and had to have out and another break in half, we were discussing this on Friday, and another lady has started having strange sensations in her mouth, she said like a magnet going over her teeth. The only lady who hasn’t had any problems has got all white fillings in her teeth. I asked all the others whether they have got all Mercury fillings and they have, as I have.”

“QUESTION: Could the mast be having an effect on Mercury fillings. ??????????”

“We would like to know please.”



1. Bryan - November 4, 2007

I have had the same experience with my teeth from and jaw pain from talking on the cell phone for extended periods. I also have the murcury fillings. My theory is that the metalic fillings are collecting the frequency and it is irritating the nerve. I saw a device in a Life Extentions Magazine (A vitamin supplement magazine) that can Measure Elecromagnetic Frequencies. I’m considering purchasing one to measure my enviroment and finding where I’m most at risk. The device was only $40 to non-members.

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