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Long Term Use of Cell Phones and Brain Tumors January 23, 2007

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An international team of researchers has found new evidence that long-term use of a mobile phone may lead to the development of a brain tumor on the side of the head the phone is used. In a study which will appear in an upcoming issue of the International Journal of Cancer, epidemiologists from five European countries report a nearly 40% increase in gliomas, a type of brain tumor, among those who had used a cell phone for ten or more years. The increase is statistically significant. In addition, there was a trend showing that the brain tumor risk increased with years of use. The new paper is posted on the journal’s Web site.

This is the second type of tumor that has been linked to long-term cell phone use. In 2004, the Swedish Interphone group reported a doubling of acoustic neuromas among people who had used a mobile phone for ten years or more….At this writing, the cell phone industry had yet to issue any responses to these new developments. But Sheila Johnston, a consultant based in London with close ties to the mobile phone industry, circulated an e-mail this morning calling Challis’s announcement a “very sad outcome.”



1. steven - January 29, 2007

this is bull i feel that no cell phone causes cancer think what ever you like but i dont think that this can kill you thank you and good night

2. Marjo Pano - February 4, 2007

Yes! I belive it.
I have read lot of articles and books about EMF and health,
and the conclusion is:
The EMF-s are danger for human health.

3. me - February 5, 2007

can sperm get killed by mobile phones, i tried it on my friend but he still had kids, apparantly he was impotent but once he got it up he was very premature. can i give him a vesectamy by use of many mobile phones?(without an operation)

4. Bob Faulkenberry - February 23, 2007

Controversies concerning cellular phones

We are all aware of the benefits of the cellular phones. They make lives more convenient; lines of communication become more open due to them but there are controversies that could not be overcome. These are controversies from different angles. We have to be aware of these controversies; they could be factors to consider in the use of your cellular phone.

Use of cellular phone while driving

According to studies in the US, there are more incidences of road accidents caused by the use of cellular phones while driving. They equate the instance to driving while drunk. In some parts of the world, it is totally prohibited to use. There are even further studies that show that “hands-free” phones is not that much safer as well. In other European countries, hand-held phones are highly discouraged.

Use of cellular phones threats security

In most cases, cellular phones are media for identity theft. As mentioned in Wikipedia, it is due to “scanning” whereby third parties in the local area could intercept and eavesdrop in on calls. Another point is that Analogue phones could also be listened to on some radio scanners. This must be a warning to all cellular phone users; we have to be very careful in our use of our cellular phones. We could enjoy all the services these innovations offer but we have to see to it that we protect ourselves from untoward outcomes as well.

Use of cellular phones in aircrafts

It is a general knowledge that the use of cellular phones while one is in an aircraft is impossible. This all rooted from an incident way back in 2000 when it was aired that an aircraft crashed due to a passenger’s cellular phone use. Studies tell that Cellular phones and other mobile devices could be used to detonate remote Improvised Explosive Devices. Though there is not much proof about it yet, it has been an internationally-known policy not to use cell phones in flight.

These are really important points to take note of. Though some of them do not have concrete proofs, it must still be taken with importance and caution. There is no harm in doing so.

Cellular phones are helpful but in one way, be careful.

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