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Cancer Fears and Cell Masts December 21, 2006

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KILLER ON THE ROOF: Cancer fears over phone masts

“SIX neighbours from the same floor of a block of flats have all been hit by cancer after two phone masts were installed on the building now dubbed The Tower of Doom. Two people died after the disease struck in six out of just eight homes on the top storey. Tenant Mike Cole, 70, said: “It’s like living on Death Row. You’re constantly worrying who’s going to be next.”

….”campaigners say the shock statistic, uncovered by the News of the World, flies in the face of government guidelines which maintain no link has yet been proved between mobile masts and sickness. Our investigation has also revealed local authorities around the country are raking in cash from mobile networks by allowing them to site masts on tower blocks, and council buildings.”

“The cancer rate on the fifth floor of Berkeley House in Bristol is TEN TIMES that of the rest of the UK.Cancer Research say two per cent of people suffer from the disease. Yet on that floor alone it affects nearly 20 PER CENT. All the cases have occurred since the Vodafone and Orange masts were put up 10 years ago…and two women neighbours have already fallen victim to the killer on the roof….


Other residents are worried about the effect on children. There are three schools within 250 yards of the flats…Last year the Government’s chief advisor on mobile phone safety Sir William Stewart, the head of the National Radiological Protection Board, called for a ban on erecting masts near schools. Sir William – who bans his own grandchildren from using mobile phones unless it’s an emergency – said: “I don’t think we can put our hands on our hearts and say mobiles are safe. If there are risks, and we think there may be, the people who will be most affected are children. The younger the child, the greater the danger….

…” in August the International Journal of Cancer Prevention published a report claiming people’s risk of contracting cancer was FOUR TIMES greater if they live near a mast…. ”


“THREE children taught at a nursery school next to a mast developed leukaemia. And a further three living nearby also suffered the disease.”….  children-with their thinner skulls and developing brains-are most at risk from phone mast radiation. And Health Protection Agency chairman Sir William Stewart, has called for a ban on masts near schools “as a precautionary measure”.
By Guy Basnett



1. SJ - May 12, 2007

My children attend a preschool about 600 feet from a cell phone tower. Two of their friends there were just diagnosed with leukemia. Chance? Perhaps. But the statistical liklihood of this being chance is low. Nobody is tracking these ‘clusters’ if that’s what they are. I’m looking for a new school for my kids.

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