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Employers May Be Liable For Technology Addictions! December 1, 2006

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Researchers Study Possibility Lawsuits

You may have joked about having an addiction to your Blackberry or cell phone, but for some employers it could soon be no laughing matter. One researcher said employers may be legally liable for employees who claim their bosses are to blame for their technology addictions.”

“Rutgers professor…. said she believes technology is helpful and necessary, but potentially addictive. In a country with 140 million cell phones and nearly 3 million Blackberries, that could be a significant problem.”

According to a study…… the symptoms of technology addiction mirror those of a drug addict, including painful withdrawal.”

…”those first couple of days on vacation you do have a sort of nervousness that occurs because you don’t know what to do with your hands or I wonder what’s going on,” ….” some workers may exploit the issue. …a study on the possibility that employees may start filing lawsuits against their employers for forcing them to become addicted to technology.”



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