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Do You Feel Bioeffects from Electromagnetic Radiation? October 28, 2006

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“In a recent ES survey, the five most common symptoms experienced when exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which are present wherever electric current is running, and which should be considered warning signs, were:
skin itch/rash/flushing/burning and/or tingling,
confusion/poor concentration and/or memory loss,
headache, brain fog, ‘insects crawling’
and chest pain/heart problems.

“Skin problems and memory difficulties tied for first place among the overall symptoms.”
“Research by Professor Olle Johansson at the Karolinska Health Institute in Sweden has objectively confirmed the skin bioeffects using typical mobile phone frequencies. Less commonly reported symptoms included nausea, panic attacks, insomnia, seizures, ear pain/ringing in the ears, feeling a vibration, paralysis, and dizziness. Some ES patients experience only one symptom when EMF exposed, or afterwards, but more often more than one symptom is apparent.””We believe ES results in a special kind of tinnitus, zinging/crackling/clicking rather than whistling/singing. With cardiac effects it is the rhythm that is disturbed, resulting in racing, but also brachycardia, or slowing down.”

“There are many more details all over this website [link below], including personal accounts of what it is like, it frequently is associated with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), there is an unfortunate synergy between the two reactions both contributing to worsening the other.”

“In Sweden ES, or EHS (Electrically Hyper-Sensitive), is an officially recognised condition with 285,000 registered sufferers….”



1. Oppie White - November 26, 2006

Back when Cable Television wiring was installed in Chicago, I began to hear sounds in my community where I had been a resident since 1977. Cooperative efforts to source the painful “noises” led to my relocating to Tinley Park in 1999 where I thought I had escaped those low pitched “frequency noises”–to no absolute avail.

For the past four months I have begun to hear and become distressed hearing yet another low-pitched noise emanating outside my home which causes me to lose sleep regardless of day or night hours.

I do not hear any such noises in the school where I am employed.
I do not hear them outside. I do not hear them in my automobile.
I do hear them in my garage and in my entire home. Significantly, I also hear these same noises in the four model homes in my com-
munity. Checks with some residents down near the Village Hall at the Department of Public Works turns up no instances of others (6 people) whom I canvassed about the low pitched sounds being heard by them. Reportedly, no other complaints have been reported to the Village Hall departments!

I am optimistic that someone somewhere can help me obtain full and quick relief. I am so sleep deprived. I underwent extensive neurological testing and psychiatric help to deal with the resultant depression. I simply do not know what to do! Tinnitus??

I thank you in anticipation that you will respond and be of help.

Might I be a human being whose “brain processes microwave frequencies as noise?” I suffer dearly and do not know where to turn or what to do.

All utility services in Chicago tried to help eliminate the painful experiences of my suffering to no total elimination. Moving away from the equipment in Chicago–now finds me suffering a different kind of frequency noise–yet equally painful.

Is there any recommendation you could share with me to lighten such a heavy load? Is there any measure to eliminate to the noise pollution?

2. C - December 21, 2006

Is it a sound or a vibration? I live in San fRancisco, near the enormous Sutro Tower, radio tower and feel a strong vibration in my ear at night, usually after 10pm. Is it like that? It is in our entire home and was in the other one we rented within a mile from here. I’m curious if you have the same sensation as I do. I have also checked our three immediate neighbors, talked to the energy company here and even called the tower. I’m the only one with this problem. Except, now my husband feels it too! I would love to hear what you learn. You are not alone!

3. Patty - February 27, 2009

Hello The pulsing hum is the latest version of “The Microwave Auditory Effect” First Acknowledged by The Frey effect radar workers could hear clicks and the such. But blessed as we are today we get to hear the pulsed electro-magnetic waves. For over a year now I not only hear but feel the effects on my auditory nerve to my 8th cranial nerve. I’ve had to go for an MRI to check for a tumor in the location of my inner ear. A tumor that they are saying comes from cell phone use, but I do not even own a cell phone. If it is a tumor it is from the em waves directly to my inner ear.

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