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Oscillation and Velocity October 22, 2006

Posted by healthyself in 1 Hz, Blogroll, Definitions, Electrical Components, Electrical Pulses, electromagnetic, Electromagnetic Field, Electromagnetic Radiation, Electromagnetic waves, EMF Research, EMF's, Frequencies, Oscillate, Pulsed Radiation, Pulses, radiation, Waves.

“Electromagnetic radiation results from oscillations of components of electric and magnetic fields. In the simplest cases, these oscillations occur with definite frequency (the unit of frequency measurement is 1 Hertz (Hz), which is one oscillation per second). Arising in some point (under the action of the radiation source), electromagnetic radiation travels with the velocity that is equal to the velocity of the light, and this velocity is equal for all frequencies. Another quantity, wavelength, is often used for the description of electromagnetic radiation (this quantity is similar to the distance between two neighbor crests of waves spreading on a water surface, which appear after dropping a stone on the surface). Because the product of the wavelength and frequency must equal the velocity of light, the greater the wave frequency, the less its wavelength.”




1. Loren - September 8, 2007

can this cause tinnitus ?

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