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Fiber Optics and EMF’s October 22, 2006

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“No EMF or RF interference
The very nature of fiber optic transmission makes it virtually immune to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference – and even lightning – which can be especially valuable in environments such as power-transmission or generating facilities, antenna or broadcast installations, or certain industrial environments.”


‘Manageable’ fear a handy safety tool


‘As fiber optics continues to spread throughout broadband communication plants, and new fiber equipment is beginning to feature higher power outputs, many safety and training professionals in the industry are re-energizing their fiber optic training efforts. Kevin Wilkes, director of field services for Integration Technologies, says that while fiber optic technology continues to change, fiber optic safety issues have not. In fact, he believes new technology only underscores the importance of long-term safety training that needs a healthy dose of fear to succeed.

“I think probably 99 percent of the concerns about safety involving fiber have not changed with technology,” says Wilkes. “I think they’ve been amplified by higher launch powers and connectivity. But, the basis is still there for problems with the eyes.

“It’s pretty straightforward…. Of course, there are other things to worry about. But they’re pretty trivial compared to the eyes. You instill what I call ‘manageable’ fear. And, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Because too much comfort breeds carelessness.”


Advantages of Fiber Optic Systems

“Fiber optic transmission systems – a fiber optic transmitter and receiver, connected by fiber optic cable – offer a wide range of benefits not offered by traditional copper wire or coaxial cable. These include:1. The ability to carry much more information and deliver it with greater fidelity than either copper wire or coaxial cable.

2. Fiber optic cable can support much higher data rates, and at greater distances, than coaxial cable, making it ideal for transmission of  serial digital data.

3. The fiber is totally immune to virtually all kinds of interference, including lightning, and will not conduct electricity. It can therefore   come in direct contact with high voltage electrical equipment and power lines. It will also not create ground loops of any kind.

4. As the basic fiber is made of glass, it will not corrode and is unaffected by most chemicals. It can be buried directly in most kinds of  soil or exposed to most corrosive atmospheres in chemical plants without significant concern.

5. Since the only carrier in the fiber is light, there is no possibility of a spark from a broken fiber. Even in the most explosive of atmospheres, there is no fire hazard, and no danger of electrical shock to personnel repairing broken fibers.

6. Fiber optic cables are virtually unaffected by outdoor atmospheric conditions, allowing them to be lashed directly to telephone poles or existing electrical cables without concern for extraneous signal pickup.

7. A fiber optic cable, even one that contains many fibers, is usually much smaller and lighter in weight than a wire or coaxial cable with similar information carrying capacity. It is easier to handle and install, and uses less duct space. (It can frequently be installed without ducts.)

8. Fiber optic cable is ideal for secure communications systems because it is very difficult to tap but very easy to monitor. In addition, there is absolutely no electrical radiation from a fiber.”



1. Natalie - February 8, 2007

Very Interesting and informative. I hope to know as much about fibre optics as you some day.

2. asish chandra - April 19, 2011

how u stop electronic monitoring from electronice harrassment ,using spider switch and fiber optic cable ,its done by getting into your wireless and then what frequency its on and only u can hear it . look into electronic monitroing harrassment defence its being donr from vancouver general hospital in vancouver bc putting the thoughts of the nurse in charge into a patient . its in acute a in vgh on the first floor , michelle lal ,jessica nicole anderson and a ex vpd police officer last name dahliwal first name maybe rick or ranjit he lives at 56th and fraser orginally from merrit bc tall skinny person use to have a blue jetta shared with his sister. iam a victim of these people from vgh if i go their they hide i was a patient so i can tell anyone i look like a crazy person its very true whats happening to me . i even know some of them where they live .can i sue vgh for harrasments becasue its not given a permission by a court or by judge. iam not being investigated for anything. this invation of privacy how do i stop this .its been going on for more then 2 years

3. jdelcampo - November 24, 2015

should’ve made a report with the local police department…
Hopefully you have…

4. aiden - January 10, 2017

Here in Ireland fiber optic network is having a severe effect on hf band,they talk about fiber not been affected by emf or electrical radiation, what about all these amplifiers on poles that are giving off strong emissions and leaving hf useless, is that not electrical radiation, I believe so!!

5. pandava - September 21, 2017

Fiber optic cables and the boxes that join them emit microwave radiation that does not decrease substantially with distance. It destroys health.

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