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Waves, Wavelengths, Force Fields and Lines of Force October 15, 2006

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“Different names refer to different wavelengths….What’s the wave made of? The wave, or “disturbance,” is in an invisible thing called the electric force fieldcharged particles like electrons and protons…[create] electric force fields and electromagnetic waves. …Charges (such as “negative” electrons and “positive” protons) cause each other to move. …Electric force is like an invisible spring, but as the charges move farther apart, a weaker spring pulls them together.”

“….[A] line shows the direction and its length shows the speed. The electron keeps looping around the proton and never crashes into it. [That is]…..an early model of an atom! …the force, or pull, depends only on where you put it, not on the velocity…an electron’s motion depends on both the force on the electron and its velocity, which are often in different directions.”

“There are…concepts of electric force fields and lines of force. There seems to be a “force field” in every episode of Star Trek; it’s like an invisible wall that nothing can penetrate. Is that what a force field really is? Not exactly.”

“In physics, a force field is a way to picture the effects that electric charges have on one another… the force a positive (+) charge exerts on an electron…the charge creates a force “field” in the empty space around it. An electron put down at any place in this force field is pulled towards the + charge; a positive charge set down at the same place is pushed away.”

“What is a “line of force”? You can visualize “lines” of force by looking at the forces created by the field in many different places; imagine connecting the lines from all the electrons. Force field lines “coming out of” the big + charge “go into” the big – charge, so those two charges are “connected” by field lines.”



1. Ron Pierce - July 25, 2008

i live in southern ohio, on top of a hill almost constant electro hiss all around me. seems to not be as loud or noticable on some holidays or superbowl days. i live about 15 miles from general electric jet engine test facility in peebles , ohio. not all of us can hear it, some notice it only after being told about it.???

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