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Do You Want to be Part Machine or Part Implanted Cell Phone? Please Vote. October 6, 2006

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“In-your-face Interface

Wrap your head around this:

As technology gets smaller, faster, more futuristic, imagine yourself connected to a device that doesn’t just lamely hang on your ear but invades your skull. Not yet. Soon…. This trend is more than just folks looking like something off the Star Trek set. It is, say some academics, cultural critics and industry analysts, the latest of inevitable steps in the blurring of the line between man and machine…”I like machines a lot better than humans,”…businessman said before flying home….”I just have to interface with humans to do business.”….….sometimes falls asleep with the thing (Bluetooth) still on his ear….”Once you start,” he said, “you don’t go back.” Now it’s on us. Clinging like a caterpillar to our cartilage. When, then, will it be in us?” Some still scoff at the idea of Borglike implants. But plenty of others say it’s inevitable. Even coming soon.” “This gets into the question not so much what we’re going to be capable of; it’s more a question of what we as a species decide we want,” “… “This is a conversation about what it means to be human.” “We call it the Bluetooth ecosystem….”We…believe everything in a consumer’s life revolves around their cell phone.”…they can be synched with you.”… “We’re going to wind up in essence with ‘intelligent earrings,…”The size is going to continue to decrease until it disappears,”…And then . . . “the next step” and “a relatively minor one.”…” they’ll go internal pretty soon,”"Not in a matter of months. But maybe five or 10 years from now.” A cyborg is a human with robotic enhancements. Some people are cyborgs already…”We’re moving inside” the body with cell phones…a bioethicist and sociologist …”My opinion is it is realistic. But for at least a couple of decades, I don’t think it’s going to be terribly attractive to open up our heads.”….the man in the airport, said he wanted anything that would make him more efficient - except that….”I’m interested in what this means for the future of humans,” ….Not off in the distant future - in the next two, three, 10, 15 years, in our lifetimes and those of our children.” “It’s not about the little piece of plastic,” he said. “It’s about thefuture of human connection.”

Michael Kruse can be reached at mkruse@sptimes.com or 352 848-1434.

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