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How do Sound Frequencies Affect the Brain? October 2, 2006

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“First discovered by biophysicist Gerald Oster at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, brain wave audio technology sends pure, precisely tuned sound waves of different frequencies to your brain via stereo headphones. In his EEG research, Oster discovered that when different vibrations, or sound frequencies are delivered to the brain separately through each ear (as with stereo headphones), the two hemispheres of the brain function together to “hear” not the external sound signals, but a third phantom signal. This signal is called a binaural beat and it pulses at the exact mathematical difference between the two actual tones.”

“So, for example, if, simultaneously, a signal of 100 cycles per second entered your left ear and a signal of 109 cycles per second entered your right ear, what you would actually perceive you heard would be a rhythmic, soothing pulsation, beating at 9 cycles per second. Research results show that first parts of the brain and, eventually, large areas of the brain begin to resonate sympathetically with this “phantom” binaural beat in what is known as the Frequency Following Response.”

Brain firing

“Subsequent research determined that binaural beat frequencies could drive or guide brain activity into a wide variety of specific brain states. Thus, effortlessly and naturally, your brain activity slides into rhythm with this binaural beat, becoming organized and coherent. Within minutes, the sound frequencies start to balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain – creating a remarkable state called hemispheric synchronization and driving the electrical activity of your brain into powerful states, normally unattainable.”

“Scientists have noted that this rare phenomenon was accompanied by flashes of creative insight, euphoria, intensely focused concentration, deep calm, and enhanced learning abilities….Recent scientific research indicates that individual brain states, ranging from sleep to creativity, are marked by combinations of different brain wave frequencies.”



1. Faith perez - October 11, 2006

I am doing a science project and I have been looking everywhere for one question. Do different pitches of sound affect your heart rate and blood pressure? I am in the 7th grade.

4tilla6aray - April 13, 2020

Yes they can, this is why militaries used both lethal and non-lethal psychoacoustic frequencies.

2. samitha - March 26, 2007

This site deals with the binaural beat information relating to the brain
re-freshness.. It is also gives such a great information about the binaural beats are modifying their sense in a positive way.
binaural beat

3. Ned - July 18, 2007

Is it true that you can get a “natural high”. Or start feeling a little odd
because of a frequency you’re listening to? I heard that somewhere and i can’t seem to find any information on it anywhere.

I am curious as to what level of frequnecy that would be.

Dan Mannana - December 8, 2010

Yes. These frequencies are called i-Dosers. They have many “drugs” such as Meth, Marijuana, Ecstacy, Cocaine, Peyote, and hundreds more. They have many categories.

Just go to the i-Doser site (google it) for more information.

4. Bob - February 28, 2008


5. Pauline H - July 12, 2008

When I listen to binaural beats I feel a kind of low level current or buzz. Its quite pleasant really. I am a convert of how relaxing these recordings are.

6. allan - January 22, 2009

i am in seventh grade and i am doing a scince project on how sound frequencys affect the mood of how a person is feeling

7. Marc Colon Alsup - February 3, 2009

okay, this is going to sound odd, but after trying this with different variations of the mosquito noise, i can’t explain how I feel! it’s almost as if im being energized by a battery ! I feel so happy and and express enough how good everything feels right now! yu’d think i took something! hahah I want to find a way to get this out there! because if it works as well for me for others, I’d do my best to get this to replace anti depressant drugs out there. but, I was also wondering, is there any negative effect that could arise from listenening to this binural beat? because I kind of have a headache.. 😦
The frequency I set was:
93.933Hz in the right ear
94.403Hz in the left.

8. An essay on rhythmic meditation - Beast Toast - April 24, 2009

[…] http://www.cs.duke.edu/courses/cps00…lect05-4up.pdf Brain During Meditation – Crystalinks How do Sound Frequencies Affect the Brain? Electromagnetic Frequencies Astronomy Shamanic Journeying by Sandra Ingerman __________________ CHZBRGR IN PARADIZE […]

9. bean man - July 7, 2009

my friend nick gave me these binaural beats. last time i took acid, i listened to these beats over a good set of headphones as i was waiting for it to kick in. what they did to me was pretty intense. there are different binaural beats you can try, one for concentration, one for relaxation…..and so on. i tried the concentration one. it was at a higher frequency than the other ones. i didn’t notice anything too amazing while i was listening to it, it made me hallucinate a little bit but thats about it. the amazing thing about this was what happened the next day. i woke up that morning and felt like a different person, like i had a totally new personality. don’t know exactly what i did but it did do something because a lot of my friends said they noticed a change in me, that i was more alert and more focused. before i did this little experiment i had a pretty mild concentration problem and i would daydream a lot. now i barley ever day dream at all and i have noticed that i can focus a billion times better at stuff such as uni work. this little experiment i did changed things about my mind and personality in a HUGE way. lucky it was in a pretty positive way too…

10. d - February 22, 2010

…and probably would have worked as well or better, without the acid.

11. applelady - March 22, 2010

hi , i’m the kkind who likes to listen to the music while studying . so , i was thinking , can sound waves interfere with brain waves and cause distraction in studies ?

APStudent - November 25, 2011

Actually apple, the inverse happens with me, I find it easier to get my work done when I play concentration waves.

12. salivary gland infection - December 27, 2011

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13. cpap chin strap - January 3, 2012

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14. shafagh - March 11, 2012

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15. orios123 - April 24, 2012

I’ve downloaded an app from itunes that gives you the option of different binary waves. Using these binary waves helped me focus at work. When I stopped using it I noticed a big difference. It takes a day or so for it to wear off after using it during a work day. Very interesting stuff.

16. Kathryn Morfitt - December 2, 2013

I am an 8th grade student from Reeves middle school.I love listening to music(its my thing). I love listening to music from iTunes. so the people that replied earlier. I have a question about music. What is your favorite music to listen to during the day or night?

17. mark - December 18, 2013

Has anyone heard of the effects of these “smart boxes” put on homes from the Electric Company. Said to emit 905mh of frequency every night for a couple of hours. I heard negative effects on humans…they say it dumbs them down. Just curious.

Drago - July 24, 2015

Cover them in a faraday cage.

christie kaiser - April 26, 2016

i hadnt heard about that from those boxes but I do hear the buzzing noise about 4 times during day and night and it usually lasts a couple hours each time. that is whty i found this web page, looking for a clear chart of the effects of hz at different levels. i run a spectrum analyzer and other devices which monitor tsounds frequencies and it is amazing to see a completely quiet room at 4:00am giving me readings strong constant readings between 22hz and, get this, 22038hz (I am looking at it right now)!!!

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