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Computer Monitors Affect the Nervous System October 1, 2006

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CRT Users Beware!

“Many people are still using CRT monitors set at 60 Hz or 85 Hz around the world….What they don’t realise is that these refresh levels have side-effects of inducing tiredness, yawning, short-sightedness and the most destructive of which is tooth grinding at night. Unstable images on a CRT can induce tooth grinding subsconciously at night, since an unstable flashing image is disturbing to the brain’s nervous system.”

“Tooth griding permanently destroys your teeth and you can’t get back lost enamel tissue. Restoration of damaged teeth is extremely expensive, more than your monitor and your damaged teeth will have an effect on your health, as teeth is the major organ of healthy digestion. Digestion begins in the mouth as the proper breakdown of food. If you can’t digest your food properly, then you will not last long on this Earth.”
“New CRT TVs (not monitors) are widely advertised at being 100 Hz.”

“Why we are still stuck at a so-called safety standard of 85 Hz, which still induces the CRT side-effects as mentioned above is amazing….The bottom line is to see if you can set your CRT to at least 100 Hz and take to regular breaks from the screen….Breaks are important for LCD users as well, since human eyes were not designed to stare and focus at a light source for a long time.”



1. Betsey - October 22, 2006

I recently went to an ayurvedic doctor who told me that being in front of the computer too much was affecting my circulation and that I needed to cut down my use to 4 hours per day.

I did not tell him about the fact that I grind my teeth, and I never attributed it to the computer myself. Does anyone know of any articles that address the issues of computer use and possible health problems that can arise?


2. Robin - October 21, 2007

Hi, my name is Robin.

I currently doing a research paper on “Working on a computer for a long period is starting to effect the human eye”. I would like to know more information about your doctor visit. Such as the medical term he may have use. Please email me if you interest in a personal interview. Which, I would use in my research paper.

3. Kris - December 4, 2007

I use the computer a lot – often when I work 12 hours or more a day.

My eyesight has got better over time – I hardly need glasses anymore?

Of course I use 2 or 3 monitors – not just one – depending on if I am at home or work.

My doctor said it is probably all the looking back and forth that was helping my eyesight.

My perscription has went from a 4.5 and 4.75 to a 2.0 in both eyes.

4. Carlisle - July 21, 2008

Fortunately I don’t seem to have a problem grinding my teeth at night…that I’m aware of for the time being, but I’ve only been working in front of a computer screen 8 hours a day for a few months (knock on wood). There are a few things you can keep in mind when investing in a computer monitor to help prevent decreasing eyesight and side effects such as opting for a bright monitor with a level of 300 cd/m2 and looking for a screen with a dot pitch of 0.25-0.28 mm for a crisper, clearer image resulting in less eye strain. Also if your computer supports it get a monitor with a DVI input so your eyes don’t have to work so hard to focus on the computer screen. My company used this website to help us find the most functional monitors for our employees http://wize.com/monitors/for/eyesight/360

5. jessica - January 13, 2010

great site. Great information. helped me alot thank you very much

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