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What is Bluetooth, and Is It Safe? September 27, 2006

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Bluetooth is a method for datacommunication that uses short-range radiolinks to replace cables between computers and their connected units.

It is a matter of concern for some people that the carrier waves used by Bluetooth´s transmitters use the same frequency range as microwave owens (Bluetooth uses 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz). What does it feel like to get in the path of such waves?

Actually, the transmitting power is…too weak to be noticeable for humans….the radiation is not concentrated in a beam, but dispersed more or less in all directions. When using a wireless phone or a Bluetooth device, some of the emitted RF energy is absorbed by the body. The penetration depth is about 1.5 cm at 2450 MHz (about 2.5 cm at 900 MHz)…..The main absorption mechanism is fieldinduced rotation of polar molecules (for example H2O), which generates heat through molecular “friction”.

Heating by means of radio frequencies is possible over a broad frequency range. This is taken advantage of in microwave ovens at 2450 MHz using very high power levels (up to 1,000,000 times the power used by Bluetooth devices). However, 2450 MHz is not a resonance frequency of water. “There is, however, another side to this; some people are demonstrably over-sensitive to electromagnetic radiations. Long exposure to strong fields make some individuals so sensitive, after a few years, that they can no longer be near such fields without considerable discomfort. Bluetooth fits into a general development pattern where antennas for GSM-transmission and other sources of electromagnetic radiations become more and more prevalent in our cities. The future will show whether this is a healthy development.”


1. Keith - December 17, 2006

The only thing that bother me with bluetooth based earpieces is that they are continually worn close to the head for long periods, could this be a health issue?
The phone maybe more powerful but only held to the head for shorter periods.
Both bluetooth headset use and large durration calls seem to produce headaches, am i overly sensitive?

dont mail fake id - September 16, 2011

i second your concern

clinton - October 19, 2011
LOL - October 21, 2011


Ron Hoynesby - January 9, 2012

Nice and scary. Which is what it’s supposed to be. I was ready to chuck my Bluetooth when I read the article this links to.

Then, I scrolled down and discovered this site is trying to sell products that supposedly–I’m dubious about the science behind any of those implements–reduce radiation. So, how on earth can anyone believe what the site owners write. I wouldn’t trust them if they claimed day was light and night was dark. They want us fearful.

Warwick - January 9, 2012

Yes Ron, I noticed that too. Lucky charms for sale?

2. dev - May 18, 2007

no……not only that but what about all the hidden waves that are transmiting all the time from the large mast…..it is a great concearn to me…when i use my phone i can def fell my ear heating up and it gives me headache and i have to get off……is this safe??? i think not….2.4ghz might be a small amount but when it is everywhere and constant what about that???? i think we are in trouble …big trouble if you ask me……this cannot be safe..we as humans are water and do have electricity as such so all these waves must affect us…..weather its living near an electricity pile on or microwaves……very very bad…

3. professor - July 5, 2007

Neither instances above are problematic. For the first, the bluetooth earpiece only transmits when it is in a call, and briefly for microsecond bursts to communicate with it’s other half attached to the phone, a sort of “status report” every so often. The earpieces are only really on during calls to save power. As for the other, more alarmed comment about radiation, the heating of the ear by the earpiece of the phone has nothing to do with the radiation of the phone. Between your ear’s natural heat output being trapped close to the ear by the phone, and the head produced by the battery, sure there shall be some heating. Cell phone antennas have a directivity factor to them that limits the direction of the radiation. Very little of the already weak power is transmitted into the head, after all, that is a waste of power. It is also worth noting that even long term exposure to cellular microwaves exposes you to a millionth of the energy you recieve by standing in front of a fireplace, or walking outside in the sun. Look on an electromagnetic scale, you shall find the microwave frequency to be weaker than infrared, visible light, and UV. Be more worried about walking around without sunscreen than talking on a cell phone.

Jennifer Johnson - August 27, 2010

I don’t know what you’re a professor of, but saying something like “you shall find the microwave frequency to be weaker than infrared, visible light, and UV” is meaningless. Yes, each photon has less energy, but it’s the resonances and excitements the radiation causes which is relevant.

4. Eric - July 5, 2007

There is much research that would disagree with you. From where to you get your opinions?

5. Ken - September 17, 2007

The argument will rage on as the technology wireless driven economy
argues for the sake of the dollars at stake with those that have no interest other than to find the truth. The tobacco debacle that only recently came to a horrifying conclusion that there is indeed a direct
relationship between smoking cigarettes and cancer, is exactly the same thing with what is going on with cell phones and whether it causes cancer, the bottom line no matter what anyone tells you is that there needs to be a long enough viable study that conclusively arrives at a result, until then, we are gambling. It would be a shame to find out 10 years from now that it does cause cancer, until then, people can take precautions or not, I do.

6. Hitesh Modi - November 5, 2007

Can any body give a concreate answer about Bluetooth is safe or not in comparision with direct phone in terms of healthy ness???

7. Ken - November 16, 2007

People can debate this until there is a long term study and until then, we will not have a conclusive answer whether really is a cause and effect.
The tobacco example is the most commonly used and rightfully so, it was only up until the long term study concluded that there was enough evidence that cigarettes caused cancer, the question becomes whether anyone would like to become one the reasons why they know EMF causes cancer in 10 years from now………… or not?
I personally take all precautions, but not to the point where I lose sight of the fact I live in the millenium. I think it’s easy enough to choose for example an hands free kit in your car rather than a Bluetooth earpiece smashed against your soft tissue ear is an easy solution. PGE offers a free EMF sweep throughout your house, so why would a large utility company provide a free service like that if there was no possible danger? It’s PGE doing there due diligence, just in case, we should all be taking precautions if there is a possibility that we do indeed at the 7 year mark have people developing cancer at an alarming rate, if you were one of them, you would be wondering you didn’t take it serious or more than likely, you just didn’t know, there has not been enough attention about this, “what if”, because of the mighty dollar, our economy’s health is powered by technology and it’s wireless money making markets, hush money may be harsh, but how about that if big company keeps hiring their expert to counter the independent expert? It rages on like the Tobacco issue with money driving the debate when the real message should be that people should be careful because we just don’t know.

8. Vanessa - November 29, 2007

Safe – I don’t know but about 5 wks ago noticed a constant ear ache in right ear where I wear my bluetooth. Discontinued wearing but ear ache persisted. About 3 days later felt like my ear needed to pop – same feeling as when you go down a hill fast and need to swallow to clear your ears. My right ear did not clear and I lost the hearing in my ear. I proceeded to treat myself for a few days with no success. Sought medical care and the doctor said I had a very slight irritation in my ear but the ear canal was closed to 1/3 its normal size. He told me to discontinue using the bluetooth; treated, and I now have about 75% of hearing back but still have a constant white noise in my ear. Can’t say this was actually caused by the bluetooth but don’t want to take any more chances.

9. May - January 12, 2008

I do believe that all forms of radiation is harmful radiation.
But with new technology, like using bluetooth wireless to listen to mp3 / phone music. There really are increased number of radioactive bursts to transmit between the receiver and the sender. Can we improve the casing to ensure radioactivity do not reach the user?

10. Violet Hameed-Nelson - February 11, 2008

I have had my bluetooth for about a month now and I have headaches over my ear area if I wear it for more than 30 minutes or so. There is some strange type of feeling that has developed in my right ear, almost like a crawling electrical wave is deep in my ear. I now have the white noise when I am not wearing it.

11. cavityman - March 10, 2008

when I use my bluetooth headset, the pain in my cavity deminishes. then as soon as i take it off after a call, the sharp pain returns. i mean, i can just move it a foot away and it comes back. i like wearing it all the time now because my tooth doesnt hurt anymore. has anyone else experienced this phenomena?

12. Jim Jr. - March 12, 2008

I mean one thing about wearing a headset is that we’re not controlling for is the direct PRESSURE on the ear and in the ear canal. It is possible, even likely I think, that if you just took a non-functional earpiece and wore it for long periods you would have ear pain and inflammation, you know? And we know that ear acupuncture and acupressure can help with tooth pain–could it not just be a function of the pressure? We need to try the same experiments just holding it near/against the ear minus the pressure.

blah - June 11, 2011

or just wear the bluetooth while it’s turned off and see if you get a headache or pain.

13. Halina - June 24, 2008

I just recently started wearing a bluetooth and within 2 weeks began experiencing a sharp pain in my non-bluetooth ear. The symptons subsided with several Motrin treatments and I have since limited my usage. Anyone else with similar symptons?

14. mike - June 25, 2008

If in doubt about the safety of Bluetoooth earpieces. I would just wear an earpiece or headset with a wire. Take the side of caution. Remember, these Bluetooth companies r in businesss to make a monetary profit as in most companies/businesses, thus all the truth may not b revealed, at least not at this time.

15. steve - July 7, 2008

Being tech savvy and a computer scientist I always try new technology and also worked for a mobile telephone operator.

Unfortunately I am sensitive to quite some of the wireless technology:

Bluetooth technology is the worst for me. It causes me headache within minutes whenever I or someone else within short distance use it. I tried different bluetooth devices and vendors (various mobile phones, bluetooth usb dongles, bluetooth gps devices) and it is always the same. I get a horrible headache that stays for a while even after bluetooth devices are switched off.

The next thing that bothers me is wireless internet from mobile phone operators (not WLAN – but UMTS, HSPA via mobile phones/mobile internet cards). It causes legs/arms close to active devices to start prickling and even go dead.

WLAN doesn’t harm me so that I can feel it. But I found out that I couldn’t sleep very well when I had my WLAN router to close to my bedroom. Switching it off over night with a timer or repositioning it helped though.

16. eddie - July 14, 2008

Having worked with radiation as a health physicist for over thirty years, I cannot believe the amount of ignorance I am seeing on these blogs. I won’t bother you with the facts because you won’t appreciate them anyway but..trust me, you are all being pretty silly about this. You will not suffer any ill affects form wearing a bluetooth earpiece and you have much greater risks by talking on the phone while driving anyway! If you are nervous than just don’t wear one and pay attention to the road if you really care about your safety.

17. Angela Flynn - July 17, 2008

Just because the physics you “know” cannot explain how emr can have non thermal bioeffects does not mean that it does not happen. This history of science is the discovery of things we did not know and the disproving of the “facts” we once knew.

Have you taken a look at the studies reviewed in the BioInitiative? (www.bioinitiative.org) There are thousands of studies which show evidence of this non thermal effect.

I live near a cell tower. I know it effects me. I do not need studies or a degree in physics to determine this. I now wear a silver mesh scarf on my head to shield my pineal gland from the microwave radiation. It helps, but it totally sucks to have to do this. I also have a wifi detector and a broad spectrum microwave rf meter. I avoid the places with the highest level of emr and this helps too.

18. Anonimous - July 23, 2008

My bluetooth phone is causing me a little headache every time I start any file transmission, it begins immediately and it goes away as soon as I extend my arm to put the cellphone away 😦

19. Pairing your cell with Bluetooth? Buyer beware « The Brook Song - ঝর্ণার গান - July 25, 2008

[…] to protect me from the Bluetooth device’s electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), which may or may not pose health […]

20. shelly - August 3, 2008

What about playing on line PS3 with the blue tooth all day? I have noticed no head aches but wonder if it is safe?

21. E1 - August 10, 2008

so izzit safe to use bluetooth headphones???

22. Ben - August 14, 2008

If people are getting headaches, earaches and pain caused by the Bluetooth, how can you question the safety of it?

It is not safe if it is causing symptoms.

How can it be?

Research or not – symptoms like these are obviously not good.
Statistics and research are toys anyhow used by large companies to produce what desired results they want –

What is needed is a large pool of people who use wireless to provide before/after/during symptoms and categorize them.

I have corded phones in my house, no wireless computer devices and stay away from the cell phones.

When I use a cell phone or a cordless phone, headaches occur immediately.

If you question the safety of something – don’t do it. Listen to your gut.

23. George - August 14, 2008



24. c - October 7, 2008

i agree im wonder the same thing about the Wii and Xbox360 as well as the PS3. The consoles send out a constant blutooth/RF signal 2.4 pulsed as long as the console is on so it can communicate with the controllers. I would like to know if playing for hours a day is harmful.

25. erwin - October 24, 2008

Blue tooth was invented and found by a guy named Erwin Dookheet in 1995

26. e - October 24, 2008

bluetooth was not invented by anyone

27. ok - October 24, 2008

bluetooth is a handfree wave that is accepted by many things

28. LaughinSam - November 3, 2008

Hmm. I never get headaches but I’ve had one for the last couple of days. I’ve been using the Plantronics 855 to listen to podcasts and I have had it playing in my ear about 2 and half hours 5 days a week for the last 3 weeks. The headache is around my right ear which is the same one I use the headset on. Of course, I do not know if the 855 is to blame. Maybe it’s it just the pressure of the device being in my ear canal for extended periods of time, but I have used similar style wired canal phones by Sony for years now without a problem. It could be unrelated to the 855 all together. I will switch using the 855 to my left ear for a while and cut down on extended listening. If this weird feeling headache shows up on the left, I will start being concerned.

29. Skinnyflip - November 14, 2008

Bluetooth is safe in my opinion. But I believe everybody is built different. My theory is that people have difference tolerance levels for radiation and what not. (http://www.physics.isu.edu/radinf/radrus.htm)…

…what’s unsafe in my opinion is certain types of bluetooth headsets. Our ears weren’t made to have things stick in them, our ears were designed to filter sound. Sticking a bluetooth headset in our ears would trigger our ears defense to produce wax. Fluid may then be trapped in the middle ear causing an ear infection. (http://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/ear-infection/ear-infections-topic-overview)
…so far there is no study on this, but I do know of two people that has had ear infection caused by their bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth technology is approved by the FDA. (http://www.pdacortex.com/fda_approves_bluetooth_med_system.htm). As to why people are feeling ill effects to wireless technology, it may be because they are more sensitive to certain frequency or radiation. For the majority, bluetooth is a safe technology. Just be cautious on bluetooth headsets that causes discomfort. I’ve used three headsets so far (jabra JX10, Sennheiser: VMX 100, and Jabra BT530) and all three have caused some discomfort.

Anyway I have been constantly researching on this matter. Just FYI from my knowledge, bluetooth emits a lower frequency than cell phones. If you do have any health problems, see a doctor or something. Pain and discomfort is a indication that tells us there’s something wrong. If wireless technology is giving you discomfort, doesn’t mean it’ll give everyone else the same feeling. Wireless technology has been deemed safe, again it may just be your sensitivity to it.

30. Rotch - November 16, 2008

I’ve just bought a new phone and a bluetooth headset for using in the car, I’ve never owned one previously. Used it for the first time the other day, probably had it in my ear for an hour in total with a break of a similar length in the middle. It made my fillings hurt! Really badly! Started with pain in one on the same side as the headset – so I swapped ears, that side let up a bit but the other side started so obviously I took it out all together. Ended up with my teeth feeling like I’d been eating foil and terrible headache! I’ve heard of people picking up radio through their metal filling before and we all know you can’t put metal in a microwave – how do I get round this? Do I need some 21st centuary fillings??!

Alan Burger - September 25, 2009

For health reasons I would get the metal fillings removed and have porcelain replace it. EMF is know to extract the mercury from the fillings into your body and that’s not a good thing.

31. Jen - November 27, 2008

After long term and constant use of my bluetooth for business, which fits snug into the ear cavity (almost like a hearing aid), I am experiencing an earache. Inside my ear cavity it is now sensitive, crusty and moist (for lack of a better description), and I know it’s from the bluetooth. I don’t have a headache, just an earache I guess. Does anyone know why? I’m hoping it’s because the ear cavity gets too warm, and lacks breathing room, and the all-day use has caused inflammation of some sort, but am not sure. What do I do besides stop using it in my right ear for awhile, and take a break from it all together? Should I go to the doctor? And what medicine will stop these symptoms? I appreciate the good feedback.

32. Mary Ellen Kaye - December 22, 2008

Why should anyone need medicine to remove inflammation that began as the result of using a new technology. Perhaps the volume was set too loud? New inventions need to be further researched. Consumer beware in an aggressively capitalist society. Consumer beware. Remember DDT? It was once an industrial breakthrough and the money-making industry did not want to know any ill effects. It even won a Nobel Prize I believe. It is healthy to question technology, especially when there is so much money to be made by it. Consumerism can really drive the industry to put products “out there” before it is known to be safe. It can be helpful, but, it can also be detrimental. In a profit-heavy consumer society, it is very healthy to question every thing. You are responsible for your own health. If the product causes any discomfort, a wise person would re-evaluate the benefits it brings vs the adverse reaction your body may be experiencing. Perhaps going back to the old fashioned, yet, tried and true simpler ways of life is what a person needs to do.

33. Mary Ellen Kaye - December 22, 2008

If the product does not enhance your life…then ditch it!

34. Philippe Girard - January 5, 2009

I agree with lot of you. I do feel pain when I use my bluetooth in my ear, same thing for wlan with my laptop. I did the test, I ask my wife to turn on or off the wlan on my laptop while it was 1 feet from my head. I was able to tell her if wireless was on or off accuratly. I do feel pain in my head, soft pain but constant. Also, if i use my cell phone on calls that last more than 5 minutes, i feel the same pain and moreover, i feel like a sharp pain in my right eye, like if i would have a needle in the inside corner of the right eye. Theses constatations are not new, i have been experiencing that for 5 years only when using my cell, my laptop with wireless on, or any bluetooth device.

I did my studies in electrical engineering and no one can tell me that this is safe for human. I’m sure we will face major illness problems in the years to come. Then, like tobacco it will take some time before decent studies will show relations between illness and wireless.

I haven’t though about bluetooth when i bought the ps3 this christmas, and then i can feel pain from the bluetooth remotes so i’m looking for a way to shut down bluetooth in ps3 and use controllers hardwired.

35. Tinnitis - February 23, 2009

I for one am sensitive to holding the cell phone to my head. I have Tinnitis and it’s noticeably louder white noise in my phone ear.

However, I find that using the Bluetooth ear unit to be far less troublesome. Just my personal experience. So I’ve deduced the following:
Because the wave signal is so much lower from the phone to the Bluetooth earpiece, than that of the signal from the cell tower to the cell phone, it’s probably doing LESS damage. That would be my answer to the original question herein.

36. priya - April 27, 2009

respected doctor, i would like 2 implant this bluetooth,i dont want this bluetooth to be visible on my external ear so like what must i do?is it safe to use it?and for how many years can i use it?or is there time basis for the usage of bluetooth? kindly reply…….

37. Rashmi Sharma - May 12, 2009

Respected Sir

I wanted to confirm…if we have sent a picture or video via blue tooth from one mobile phone to another mobile phone , then what about the privacy of the same..I mean whether it goes through some satellite or like that…I mean that picture can be viewed only by that person who is receiving the same…or it goes through some satellite… I hope it takes care of some body’s privacy….
Kindly Reply

Thanks & Regards
Rashmi Sharma

38. can-i-bus - June 20, 2009

research the human auric field and kirlian photography. i honestly don’t ever feel as well and balanced or even sore using wireless video game controllers as i do using wired controllers. they seem to wear me out or make me feel hot… until i cleanse my auric field… for real though yalll.. but using wired controllers for hours on end ill feel terrific still… the shit sucks haha

39. yannick - June 30, 2009

I just installed a bluetooth headset for my mother today, im also tech-savy and had no fear at all about bluetooth technology, but as soon as i tested the kit i had immediate and strong pain in my ear like if a nail was beeing stuck in deep inside.Strangely it did not happen during my test call but after i hang up.I immediately searched for irregularities abt this model : Nokia BH-308 and ended up hear.I have no particular problems with radiation or frequencies or whatever, but the pain was real and i literally had to throw it off my ear. So i think there is something wrong with this technology somehow and i bet science will prove it right sooner or later.Until then ill recommend my mother not to use it.

40. Alan Burger - September 25, 2009

I am one of those who is sensitive to EMF. It started years ago with computer monitors, these things can make me very sick quickly. I try to use cell phones as little as possible. I have a iPhone and it has a negative effect on me just holding it in my hands. EMF affects my nervous system, I get numbness in my limbs, my head gets foggy, I loose the ablilty to concentrate and I start to yawn. It takes hours for me to recover completely. And often, depending on how much EMF exposure I have, it effects me when I begin to fall asleep, with a feeling like I’m going to loose conciseness permanently, it scares the crap out of me.

41. faruk divelli - October 8, 2009

I have just recently started using my bluetooth earpiece, last few months, for long periods of time, recently last three week i have started to get this feeling in in the side of my head and pain also.Because i had this problem in my left ear i tried it on my right ear, the problem was the same.Also at odd times whilste i am using the ear piece i get this kind of pin and needle kind of pain.So my answer to this is it deffinetly is the ear piece that is causing these problems in my head.

42. prasanth - October 12, 2009

using a cell phone with a bluetooth earpiece safer for cardiac pacemaker implanted person?

43. miss_kitty - November 18, 2009

how would i photograph any of these freuquencies w/o ‘speical scientific’ equipment? [dslr w/ bulb setting or 1/8000 sec]

thnx in advance

44. Deafguy - February 27, 2010

As someone who has worked in a call center environment and wears a hearing aid since shortly after birth I can say alot of what people are describing is the same effects you will get from wearing any device close that covers you ear for long periods of time. I thing that alot of this comes from added pressure and heat that tend to cause alot of infections due to creating a place that is warm and moist… I am not saying that these emf exposure help but without the emf and wearing soming like that on your ear long term you will develop the same issues faster in warmer climates or if you exsert yourself more while wearing it….it would be nice to know forsure if the emf has an added affect on health or not.

45. Gurpreet Gill - March 1, 2010

I don,t know is the use of BT is safer or not but yes its, much better than to put your Cell to your ear while on call.It produce much power & heat which can damage & produce healnth problems . But BT using RF between Cell & us to communicate which Radio technology also use from past many years.
So as per my concern BT is safe.

46. Russ H. - March 8, 2010

There have been many comments based supposedly on reliable information, all of it suspect. My bluetooth gives me headaches. Would it still give you headaches if it was turned off? Could something hanging on one ear, and not the other give you problems? Would you still have the same problems if you were wearing padded earphones instead? Would your ears still have ringing or rushing sounds if the volume was turned down instead of blasting in the ear to overcome driving, or backgrounds sounds? How many people complaining about the alleged problems would have them if they had never heard that others were having problems? I have some of the same problems with my ears as others have described and I have never worn a bluetooth type hearing devcice. I did play around with loud noisy playtoys as a youngster and there were none of these electronic marvels back there then to blame. Do you play your CD player way up loud all the time at home and while driving? Do you sit in a bar or pub near the entertaining sound system or the live music and never give it a thought? I don’t know if Bluetooth devices cause problems, or if they do not cause problems. If there are hearing problems, something must have caused it. Just be very sure that you discover the real reason for your alleged problems before you start blaming something when you can’t even prove it to someone else outside of just your own opinion.

47. seshna - March 25, 2010

from what i have been reading, there is no safe dose for blue tooth!!!!!not all people has the same defense system that is why they do not have side effects. I’m doing a case study on blue tooth and from the information i have gathered i can conclude that it all depend on the people defense system! some are sensitive while some can resist it!!!!!!!!

48. Lyn Rose - April 1, 2010

In the past year I have noticed something that I think I finally put my finger on- I live in an apartment that faces a busy street in Toronto, and when certain cars pass by I get a sort of zap inside my head… I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s not every car, and not the streetcars (trolleys), so it can’t be cell phones because just about everyone in this city has one and I would feel it most strongly in a streetcar packed with people. Talking on hand held cell phones has been banned here in the past year and now many people have Bluetooth devices. I sat on my roof the other day to actually watch the cars go by and see if it really does coincide with the ‘zaps’, and sure enough it did. How is it possible from so far away? Or is it something else that is causing it? Any ideas? It definitely has something to do with certain cars though. That’s all I know.

49. Mary Lou - June 22, 2010

I’ve been using my bluetooth for about 6months with no problems until last night. I became very lightheaded and now have an echo in my left ear when I talk. I just got off the phone (landline) & was using the same ear & become very dizzy. Has anyone else experienced this?

Ganesh Iyer - November 8, 2010

Am from India – my experience with bluetooth apparatus below:

I have been proud of my generally robust physical self and though I’m 40, I would pass for a 30-year old…

By a mere coincidence, for a period of 6/8 weeks in December 2008/January 2009, I used two items simultaneously (1) a bluetooth headset (Jabra) and (2) a wireless bluetooth mouse at work (am a lawyer so it involves a lot of documentation work from my office/desk)…

One evening in end-January I was sitting at home and suddenly I felt a sizzle (the kind you hear and see when two wires contact and “fizzzz” with a spark!) above my left eye-brow and moving up towards the back of the left ear and down towards the left end of the lips…

The next few days were sheer panic!! I felt a slight loss of sensation around my left cheek and general discomfort on my face.

Within 4 days, I consulted the most senior neurologist in India. I got myself checked and scanned at the best facilities possible in Mumbai. He ran a dozen checks of different kinds and concluded that I was fine and such things happen and blah blah, inexplicable really…

Then he asked me to recall if I had done anything different or stressful etc… I homed into the two silent culprits and decided to throw the buggers out the window.

Have never used any of the rubbish ever since… Its been close to two years and I don’t as much as stray close to bluetooth or infrared or any such wireless devices. Even my mobile phone is usually kep as far away from me as possible, connected to my ears through wires and/or on speaker-phone.

Have never felt the buzz or the sizzle ever since (thank god!)..

There are trillions of dollars at stake, an entire bunch of waiting-to-corrupt mllionaires and billionaires depending on the continued usage of all these instruments.

You and me and all of us sufferers are most likely to be rendered as “deviating” statistics – referred to as “too bad, can’t decisively determine the subject was healthy to begin with” or “inconclusive causality” or “acceptable risk parameters” or whatever the hell terminology they use to pacify courts and committees in democracies.

the same goes for the pultry industry. The oil and gas industry. The automobile industry. The mining industry. Guns, Drugs, prostitution… you name it, its all out there, eager to close in!

The question is: will you take a chance with your self?

I will not. I like myself and my family too much.

If there is a “true” revolution brewing somewhere which seeks to protect and preserve, then I would be a willing and active member.

Till then, Thank you and Excuse Me.

50. unbiased reader - July 23, 2010

Evolutionary process over millions of years have gone without this sort of ambient electromagnetic radiation. Imagine cell division with millions and millions of molecules in a dna being replicated. Imagine now you introduce a cell into an EMR field.
If you subject such a delicate process as cell division under EMR. You will surely get miscoded parts of DNA at some point (say, in weakest cells). IS ANYONE GOING TO DOUBT THAT? Some of those cells won’t get stopped from dividing further, and further, and further. There goes cancer. You might say, the chances are… blah blah. Of course the chances are…small/big/whatever. I have only one body, so I’m not playing with chances.

I was very happy when I started using wireless devices.
Gradually I started feeling tinglingh sensation in my palm from bluetooth mouse. I switched to a radio mouse. Now I start having it again. (I must note I do use it most of the day, over 12 hours at least).

As for mobiles, it’s the worst nighmare. The best way to demonstrate is if you, say, riding an underground metro where not all the mid-stations passages are covered. Put your mobile in your pocket. After riding like this for 30 minutes, you’ll have a numb spot on your leg, provided you put the mobile into your front pocket. If you put the mobile on your belt closer to your stomach, and you are fairly relaxed, there’s a very high chance you’ll feel how muscles contract during the time the idle connection is reestablished as you approach each metro station. This is very similar to getting a mild electrocution. I treat my mobile devices as toxic waste. I still have to use them, but I try to keep them as far as possible and try to minimize my exposure to them to the maximum extent possible.

As for all those pompous self-important dimwits calling themselves “professors” and “having X years of experience in some field or other” (see their posts above), I bet they represent the industry. They love benefiting from unaware people. You know, smoking was advertised as healthy and actually even good for health in the 1950s.

51. whatever - July 23, 2010
52. unbiased reader - September 2, 2010

I did, thanks.
Here’s the most objective source on microwave radiation I found:

Also, (somewhat offtopic) it might be interesting for someone here to find out why there were no microwave ovens in the Soviet Union. I know that they were practically non-existent although most electrical engineers could make one.

As for the overall treatment of these new hi-tech devices, the important thing is to be mindful of one’s physical state. While I was with two mobile phones drinking lots of coffee, I could hardly feel anything really. As soon as I gave my body some rest and stopped straining it (stopped with red-bulls, coffee, etc), I started noticing that ‘electrocution-like effect’ I mentioned above.

Stop straining the body and listen to it. It’ll tell you everything. Take 2 mice: one BT and the other wired, there will be little need to ask some unknown anonymous guru on the internet.

As my personal research, it seems that BT effect on health has to do with physics by 50% at most. The 50 remaining percent is biology of which we still know very little.

A couple of days ago I found out that every cell contains not just one set of DNA but rather two sets. Each mitochondria (cell’s power-generating organelle) replicates independently of the cell in which it resides. They are thought to have have been bacteria that formed a symbiotic union with the larger cell. So, a human cell might be considered as two separate cells one inside the other with independent sets of DNA’s.

If anyone is willing to shake this delicate mechanism in their bodies with some bluetooth signals and see what happens, I would be very curious to hear them speak out.

Moreover, there’s very little research yet as it is still a recent technology and it is hard to “test-run” human life very quickly 🙂

Being strictly logical, I would at least wait till after current bluetooth users grow up and see statistics then. DNA damage (IF it actually occurs) can be seen better when damaged cells had enough time to “populate” the body.

53. frank - September 30, 2010

There likely won’t ever be much energy delivered to the brain from a cellphone or a bluetooth headset, but watch the skin on your temples cheeks etc. Some people are sensitive to everything and they can’t even use an electric blanket or get too close to a desklamp.

54. salah el-din - October 7, 2010

you know … If you want to use technology,you have to bay the taxes.

55. Farinde oluwadamilola adegbenro - November 13, 2011

This explanation is okay. But I need to get something right is Bluetooth a radiowave or a microwave? Is there any research going on as to the ionizing effects of radiowaves and other electromagnetic radiations,apart from subjecting it to future preliminary test as reported.

56. Warwick - November 25, 2011

Most of the discussion on Bluetooth technology focuses on its use with mobile phones. I’d like to know if there would be the same risks, if any, in using Bluetooth MP3 players with Bluetooth headphones. These headphones – the ones I’ve seen – are cups that sit on the ears, not plugs that snuggle in the ears.

57. Plowguy - December 25, 2011

I drive a plow truck. We are currently testing a bluetooth system for our sand spreading system. The box for the bluetooth connection controls is right behind the drivers head. The signal is constant, and up to 3 ghz range. I’m trying to gather information on the risks of this system being on all the time and so close to the drivers head. The fact that the signal is constant, with the driver sometimes in the seat for a 12 hour shift, is a concern, for it is extreme prolonged exposure. Any help on this or advice would be appreciated.

58. Bill Wynne - February 10, 2012

Seems like a fair assessment of the matter. There is an impact on the body like friction heating but because the penetration is only around 1cm we would assume that it is not significant. Sounds good to me. Appreciate the write up.

59. the website - October 23, 2012

My relatives always say that I am killing my time here at net, however I know I am getting knowledge daily by reading thes good content.

60. gustavrosint3 - August 12, 2015

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61. AlfredBiz - March 26, 2016

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62. More Bonuses - April 28, 2017

More Bonuses

What is Bluetooth, and Is It Safe? | Electromagnetic Frequencies

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