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Are You Ready to Give Up Your Wireless Phone? September 27, 2006

Posted by healthyself in Cell phone safety, Cell Phones, Electrical Pulses, Electrosensitivity, Internet, Lifestyle, Light, Pulses, Telecommunications, Transformation.
"...............................I prefer wired communication over wireless. Most
secure of all is voice/data transmissions over fiber optic cabling. But,.....
I can't exactly say I've heard of a ton of cases where someone had fiber op
installed in their home. But just to mention in case you din't already know,
what makes communications over fiber so secure is the fact that is communication
using laser optics (light) technology rather than transmissions superimposed on
electical signals send over a twisted pair of copper wire. Also, fiber optic
cabling is completely free from the electical interference that can plague
twisted copper pair cabling. And, since all transmissions over fiber optics are
always of the digital transmission type, sound clarity is superb. What's more,
even if someone tried to tap your line by splicing into fiber optic, much like
they can with copper pair wiring, that won't work. After all, it's light, not
electricity used to transmit the voice/data connections. Actually, fiber op can
even carry digital broadcast or cable TV transmissions....


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