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Who Invented the Cell Phone? September 25, 2006

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The cell phone was invented by Bell Labs from about 1947 to 1967….by Martin Cooper who at that time was a vice-president at Motorola….he made the first cell-phone call in 1973 on a street corner in New York using a base station at the top of a tall building in that city. He called an acquaintance at AT&T who at that time was a rival and perhaps said something like “we’ve done it”. Motorola introduced its cell phone in 1983 after five generations, 15 years, and $ 90 million; …the first commercial cell phone service was started by NTT in Japan on December 3, 1979….Cooper himself… states that “Bell Labs had invented this thing called cellular technology”. What Martin Cooper apparently did was build a relatively small radio telephone which could be carried by a person. He did not develop the idea and the mechanism for automatically switching over when a phone went from one cell to another. The true inventor of the cell phone is the person or group who developed the concept of small cells and implemented the automatic switchover system, and this was Bell Labs. ….Necessity is the mother of invention. If… the FCC had not limited the number of channels available for radio telephones to 23, Bell Labs would not have been under intense pressure to develop the cellular concept. …Finally the explosion of cellular technology which we now see around us today was caused by the Microprocessor, i.e. a computer on a small single chip.




1. yesenia - August 14, 2008

how cool

2. sahil - August 19, 2010

the information given is so good to improve general knowledge thank you

3. Martin Cooper - May 24, 2011

It feels good at my age to feel that I am a part of history.

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