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Who’s in Charge of Cell Towers? September 24, 2006

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“If you do anything to your property, even put up a shed, you have to get a permit,” he said. “But you’re telling me nobody regulates a cell phone tower?”….


“Homeowners near the site didn’t know about it until Deborah Ernsberger answered a knock on her front door on a mid-summer afternoon. A representative of Firelands Electric Cooperative told her the company was going to run an electric line through her yard to power a tower that would be directly in front of her home.“”When he came home from work that day, Kenny Ernsberger was outraged not only by the tower’s location, but also by the electric co-op’s plans to cut down two trees in his front yard for the electric line. One is a white oak at least 80-feet tall, the other a 60-foot wild cherry.”




1. wendy - September 27, 2006

private road easement on resiential property vs for-profit communication company….an easement to provide public utilites running across one’s property to allow a major use permit for a cell phone company to install a “utility for the public”…Does anyone have information as to the “intent” of the original land easements showing they were given for use of single family residence and not for millions of utility users? Need info ASAP

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