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The Reproduction of Sound September 23, 2006

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“The waveforms of sounds made by musical instruments and the human voice are very complex. The waveform can be illustrated as a graph, comparing the volume of the different frequencies or tones. Electronic devices often have problems involved in accurately reproducing those sounds.””A tuning fork is supposed to give off a pure tone of one frequency or note. Hearing a tuning fork is like looking at an object that is only one color. But just like most objects are multicolored, the sounds coming from most objects are very also very complex.”…..”A tuning fork would consist of only one bar or note. Of course, a true sound would have many more frequencies.”…

“Likewise, when a microphone records a sound, the some of the frequencies may be attenuated. This is especially true with inexpensive microphones. Such a microphone can severely distort the sound. One good example of a distorting microphone is the mouthpiece in most telephones.”…..After the microphone detects the sound, it goes through some electronics and is then reproduced and transmitted through loud speakers or headsets that consist of tiny speakers. Just like a microphone, the speakers also attenuate various frequencies and distort the sound coming out.”

Well-made speakers—which are usually more expensive—are the most faithful in reproducing the sound signal they receive. Since they often must produce amplified sound, speakers often have difficulty faithfully reproducing all frequencies…That is why better stereo systems have several types of speaker cones in one speaker box. They may have a tweeter—which is good at reproducing high notes—and a bass speaker for the lower frequencies… Some expensive car radios and stereo systems have what are called “equalizers” that show the volume of the different frequencies with rows of lights. Equalizers allow you to adjust the volume of these individual frequencies to overcome the attenuation of each note. This results in a sound that is closer to the original sound.

“Sounds from your voice or music are highly complex. There is distorting or attenuation of frequencies in the detecting and reproducing processes. Thus, the music you hear from the radio is never quite as good as if you would hear the original, live sound.”




1. Mitzi Cagle, RN, BSN - September 25, 2006


When I started my Holistic Nursing education, I chose to concentrated on music, sound, and vibration. I started attending yearly Sound Colloquium Conferences as often as I could. I was blessed to take classes from some of the vibration and music visionaries on the power of vibration and sound in healing.

There are certain vibrational frequencies that are harmonious with our bodies and others that can do harm. I saw what a negative vibration can do when Fabien Maman showed a study of a cell exploding in a Petri dish when a too-intense vibration was sent to the cell. I also took classes with John Beaulieu, who specialized in Tuning Fork Therapy.

This is why I have gone into Holistic Nursing practice now, after practicing in the Allopathic nursing world and teaching nursing.

We are now in an environment that is stressful on the human body. I have chosen to work toward Prevention of disease, and treating the whole person. This is why I have formed my new company, Complementary Health Enhancement, LLC.

I support and share BIOPRO because the Energy Resonance Technology makes so much sense to me. ERT which is what BIOPRO uses , helps harmonize with the human frequency and buffer the frequencies that bombard our bodies on a daily basis. When a vibration comes toward our biofield at a vibration that the body recognizes as foreign, the immune system starts a cascade of stress responses. That is why the EMF that is emitted by cell phones, towers, computers, are hard on our bodies.

Since I started using the BIOPRO products, I have felt so much better, that I decided to become an independent consultant with BIOPRO. I did use these products for 3 months before I felt sure that the products work for me.
Another area I just trained in was Health Rhythms, with Dr. Barry Bittman, and Christine Stevens, who use a medical protocol that helps work toward healthy DNA and stress release through drumming…….but it is all vibration and that proves that we have a way to empower our own health through buffering the negative and experiencing the positive.

I hope anyone who reads this works toward Health through proactive use of these health enhancing tools!

2. Eric Laurence - September 26, 2006

I know people who can feel the change immediately when they put a BioPro chip on their phone. Some have commented on how it no longer feels hot.

Anyone interested in holistic health or alternative medicine needs to take a look at this. It’s not worth quibbling over a $30 purchase. Just do it.


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