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What is Pitch, Loudness and Quality of Sound? September 22, 2006

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This is how high or low a sound seems. A bird makes a high pitch. A lion makes a low pitch.

Pitch and loudness are two ways that sounds are different. Another way is in quality. Some sounds are pleasant and some are a noise.Compare the two waves on the right.A pleasant sound has a regular wave pattern. The pattern is repeated over and over. But the waves of noise are irregular. They do not have a repeated pattern.



1. Muhammad Kashif Raza - April 16, 2008

It is good ,

2. Adedeji Bolaji Hameen - July 17, 2008

Wave characteristics

3. JEbus Edrei C. Taguiam - July 12, 2009

Life Applications

4. Aftab - January 5, 2010

Good But NO Wave Form of high and low Pitch.

5. Hannah Montana - February 15, 2010

Nice defination,Thanx!

6. raldee nuguid - March 16, 2010

now i get it !!

7. katrina - August 29, 2010

yea it’s right.ihav study this i nmy physics book also

8. dark knight - July 20, 2012

there is no detail on definitions of pitch loudness and quality

9. JONNALYN AYALA - November 19, 2012


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