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Keep the Children Away From Powerlines and Toxic Interactions September 18, 2006

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“Are kids electric?.Evidence is also accumulating to show that living near even relatively low levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from mains electricity or powerlines can significantly raise a child’s chances of developing leukaemia. In 1979, the first major study linking such EMFs to childhood cancer was published (Am J Epidemiol, 1979; 109: 273-84)…..”Most recently,….Professor Denis Henshaw of Bristol University’s Human Radiation Effects Group, took 2000 field measurements and found that the toxic effects of EMFs could extend up to more than 100 yards (91 metres) on either side of powerlines.”

“He also suggested how EMFs could cause cancer. According to Henshaw, living near powerlines with radiation levels dozens of times the legal limit may indirectly cause cancer by increasing the concentration of carcinogenic airborne particles that are produced naturally in the soil and by local traffic pollution (Int J Radiat Biol, 1999; 75: 1505-21). This conclusion supports earlier research showing potentially toxic interactions between alternating EMFs surrounding powerlines and radioactive breakdown products of naturally occurring radon gas (Int J Radiat Biol, 1996; 69: 25-38).”



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