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What is Entrainment? September 13, 2006

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Resonant entrainment of oscillating systems

“Resonant entrainment of oscillating systems is a well-understood principle within the physical sciences. If a tuning fork designed to produce a frequency of 440 Hz is struck (causing it to oscillate) and then brought into the vicinity of another 440 Hz tuning fork, the second tuning fork will begin to oscillate. The first tuning fork is said to have entrained the second or caused it to resonate. The physics of entrainment apply to biosystems as well. Of interest here are the electromagnetic brain waves. The electrochemical activity of the brain results in the production of electromagnetic wave forms which can be objectively measured with sensitive equipment. Brain waves change frequencies based on neural activity within the brain. Because neural activity is electrochemical, brain function can be modified through the introduction of specific chemicals (drugs), by altering the brain’s electromagnetic environment through induction, or through resonant entrainment techniques.”




1. 5d Consciousness, Theta, and Beta - November 20, 2011

[…] too much Beta state. Cell phones are on that lower frequency as well, which is a problem due to entrainment (meaning, we are susceptible to and highly influenced by our environment). This is why cell phones […]

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