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Federal Law Prohibits Rejection of Cell Towers Because of Health Risks September 13, 2006

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“Opposition is …strong in residential areas. Washington attorney….represents several cell phone companies, estimated that more than 500 cases have been heard nationwide involving efforts to stop cell phone towers and antennas. In most cases, the cell phone companies have won.”

“That’s in part because federal law eliminates one of the key arguments against cell sites — the health factor. No studies have shown conclusive evidence that radio-frequency emissions are harmful at levels allowed by the Federal Communications Commission. As a result, the law prohibits rejection of a tower based on health risk.

Yet fear of the uncertainty remains. A year ago, the International Association of Fire Fighters opposed the use of fire houses for cell sites “until a study with the highest scientific merit” proves they are safe.

“The American Cancer Society’s website says that because the technology is still relatively new, “we do not yet have full information on health effects.” However, the organization noted there was no known evidence of a link between low-level emissions and cancer.”

“Still, the perception of a health risk, combined with what some consider an eyesore, can lower property values for those living near a cell site, O’Brien said.”




1. bruce rioux - November 1, 2006

I restore Tower Clocks and one of the Churches I work in has installed a cell phone tower right around the clock area, that I work in. My concern is how dangerous this is going to be to my health. I need to get some facts before I speak to anyone. Can anyone help me with some facts? Thank you!

Pamela ELF'd - May 29, 2011

see the dvd “Public Exposure” for many more facts not seen elsewhere.

2. Joe - January 9, 2010


You should be concerned.

I would suggest visiting http://www.RFCHECK.com. They are working on protecting workers like yourself from the harmful effects of working near cell tower antennas.

The FCC RF exposure limits (since 1996) are in place to make sure that 3rd party workers like you don’t get overexposed to RF radiation from cellular tower antennas. Overexposure causes behavioral, cognitive and psychological harm.

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