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What is Healing by Sound Frequencies or Waves? September 12, 2006

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“We can say that everything is made up of energy at various frequencies, that all things in nature vibrate to sound, light, color and resonate to same frequencies. Sound frequencies effect everything about us and correct vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies.””The body is just energy vibrating at different rates and frequencies. The chakra’s, bones, systems, organs, tissues, all possess a different resonant frequencies and are all vibrating at different rates creating a unique sound. Each person has a unique matrix of frequencies and tones, just like their own signature sound frequency.”

“When an organ or part of the body is vibrating out of tune or non harmoniously, it is called “dis-ease” or disease. Sound healing is all about identifying which frequencies are causing imbalance by being dissonant, out of balance, weak or diffused.”

“Sound healing works on the belief that the human body is not solid. Rather it is energy that is held together by sound. Any disease therefore indicates that some sound has gone out of tune. Sound is used in many forms to heal and balance energies, each chakra relates to a musical note and each color corresponds to one of the charka in our body.”

Playing a same note on a didgeridoo and other instruments will sound different due to the presence of higher frequency harmonics and overtones unique to each musical instrument. Speed: the horizontal speed of a point on a wave as it propagates in meters per second. The speed of sound waves in air is about 300 m/s.

Letter / Note

Frequency (Hz)

C / do


D / re


E / mi


F / fa


G / sol


A / la


B /si


C’ /do


Ancient Cultural and Sacred Sounds

Many ancient cultures recognize the importance of music and sound as a healing power.

*The Tibetans still use bells, chimes, bowls, and chanting as the foundation of their spiritual practice.
*In Indonesian traditional thinking, the Game lan is sacred and is believed to have supernatural power. The Gamelan, Gong and drum are used in ceremonies to uplift and send messages.
*The Australian Aboriginals and Native American shamanism use vocal toning and repetitive sound vibration with instruments created from nature in sacred ceremony to adjust any imbalance of the spirit, emotions or physical being.
*In Ancient Egypt, the Priests knew how to use vowel sounds to resonate their energy centers or chakra’s. There is a direct link between different parts of the body and specific sounds.”



1. Frank Morgan - September 15, 2006

Your theory is more physics true than you realize & you should know that chemistry is about energy frequencies too that are applied at the micro and nana scales! That is, Chemical freequencies (electron binding energy sharing) in the range from 10 to the 16 to 10 to the 20 cps work intimately at the small molecule & big atom levels. See my New Physics theory postings at http://www.geocites/CapCanaveral/Hall/2638/

2. Anonymous - September 15, 2006

What is CPS?

How does this relate to watts, amps and volts?

Are the nana scales and micro scales measured in a different way?

Thanks. This is interesting.



3. Ibrahim H Caglayan, PhD -vibrations engineer Ankara TURKEY - September 26, 2006

CPS stands for Cycles Per Seconds or Hertz (same thing). Please note the misspelling: Nana should be nano which is one thousandth of one thousandth of one thousandth of a unit which in frequency terms, of a meter. Put in a different way nano is 10 to the power minus nine of a meter whereas micro is 10 to the power minus six, therefore nano is one thousandth of micro which is one thousandth of mili. Watt is a unit of power which is found by multiplying amps with volts in electric circuity.

4. healthyself - September 26, 2006

Thank you.

5. JRM - April 23, 2007

I am curious as to where you got your frequencies for the notes above. Equal temperment, just, and mean tuning do not match these numbers. We have no record of the ancient egyptian tuning system. I am wondering what the primary reference to the information regarding the connections with egyptian priests, chakras and sounds. I have heard this from many sound practitioners, but none have been able to provide the primary reference. Nearly all practitioners have referenced the modern scale beginning on C5 as you have, but I am wondering how can we apply our modern tuning systems that changed during the rennaissance, classical, romantic, and even modern periods to the ancient systems, which have been labeled as lost? Looking at physics from a naturalist perspective my body and energy system cannot possibly resonate to the same tone and a baby that is 1/5 my size. The physics just does not support this idea. How can you reconcile this obvious disparity?

6. Monte - October 21, 2008

Density. Although you are larger than your baby, your baby’s brain density is the same as yours.

As for the lack of documentation, I am just as bothered by that as you. I have to wonder if “they” did to those who had the knowledge regarding using sound for healing what “they” did to Tesla, Tucker and Rife.

7. Farid - June 14, 2011

Although I have an ill child and did some sound therapy for 6 months by some wired CDs from a guy on line claiming he used to be autistic and NASA healed him… I have not seen healing yet. Heal is when the person is really 100% healed . Also which Egyptian lived for 4000 years with these sound therapies? Which terminally ill patient is fixed and healed by only sound therapy? Although I love and respect anybody who is trying to help and at least gives hopes, at times it changes to absurd. Specially when it all becomes claims without showing proof or results. Worse when money is being made out of hopeless people. However, still if there is a remote chance of healing a loved one, we all try anything and not trying it at the same time is another ethical dilemma . Just DO NO HARM or no further and don’t charge. If it is “information” we all thank you. But please show us some results.

8. Mauricio - September 23, 2012

Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.
I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.
The style and design look great though! Hope you get
the problem fixed soon. Kudos

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