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What is a Pure Tone? September 11, 2006

Posted by healthyself in Beneficial frequencies, Blogroll, Cell phone safety, Coherence, Definitions, Frequencies, Pets, Resonance, sensations, Sound, Throat, Tone, Vibration, Waves.

“Pure-tone song is a common and widespread phenomenon in birds…. Sound generated this way is characterized by a multifrequency harmonic spectrum, consisting of a fundamental frequency and a series of strong harmonic overtones that are integer multiples of the fundamental frequency. Pure-tone sound as found in whistled birdsong, however, is characterized by a simple harmonic frequency spectrum, in which essentially all acoustic energy is concentrated at a single frequency… An alternative explanation for the absence of harmonic overtones in whistled birdsong maintains that a multifrequency harmonic source sound is filtered to a pure tone by vocal tract resonances.”




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