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What is a Harmonic Sound? September 11, 2006

Posted by healthyself in Beneficial frequencies, Blogroll, Cell phone safety, Coherence, Electrosensitivity, Frequencies, Harmonics, nerves, Overtones, Resonance, Vibration, Waves.

“We have all heard harmonic sound in our environment: waves lapping the shore, a river rushing by, the wind through the treetops, frogs singing around a pond, or a group of people singing or chanting These mixed sounds in nature create a full spectrum of resonant tones, which move through the physical world in wave patterns that affect the configuration of matter. This movement of wave particles organizes to create what we call a unified energy field, or an organized intelligence.”




1. dario - December 2, 2011

A sound “Y” is harmonic to a sound “X” if the frequency of sound “Y” is a multiple integer of the frequency of sound “X”.

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