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What is Resonance? September 10, 2006

Posted by healthyself in Cell phone safety, Harmonics, Resonance, Vibration.
"Every object has a unique natural frequency (also called harmonic
frequency) of vibration. A periodic force occurring at the same
frequency as the natural frequency of vibration of an object may cause
the object to vibrate when the objects come into contact. This is
called (mechanical) resonance. An example of this is a singer singing
at the natural frequency of a wine glass. This causes the glass to
resonate (that is vibrate at the resonant frequency which is the
natural frequency) thus causing the bonds within the glass to deform
beyond what it can handle and thus shatter. (It is not possible for
one note to shatter a series of glasses as each piece of glass would
have its own natural frequency.) Another example is a poorly designed
bridge which has the same natural frequency as soldiers marching
accross it or of the wind blowing through it. The Tacoma Narrows
Bridge is one example of a bridge which has collapsed as a result of
wind putting energy into the bridge at the natural frequency of the


1. ha - May 9, 2007

thats horrible

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