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What is a Fundamental Frequency? September 10, 2006

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Harmonics, Resonance, and Interference

“Every object has a unique natural frequency of vibration.”

“A periodic force occurring at the same frequency as the natural frequency of vibration of an object may cause the object to vibrate. This is called mechanical resonance.”…

“The force and the object being affected must come into physical contact for mechanical resonance to occur….

“…The lowest frequency which will produce a standing wave pattern in a one dimensional medium is called the fundamental frequency.”

“Higher resonant frequencies also produce standing wave patterns. The first overtone of a string fixed at both ends has a nodal point in the centre of the medium, as well as at either end. It has twice the frequency of the fundamental frequency.”

“Multiples of the fundamental frequency are also called harmonics. The fundamental frequency is the first harmonic, the second harmonic corresponds to the first overtone,the third harmonic is the second overtone, and so on….”

..”Two sound sources vibrating at slightly different frequencies (roughly 5 to 10 Hz) produce a series of beats.”

“What is heard is a sound whose frequency is apparently the average of the two frequencies
(f1 + f2) /2which rises and falls in intensity at a frequency equal to the beat frequency absolute value of f1 - f2



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