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Mobile Phones Affect Synthetic Cell Membranes September 9, 2006

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“…for millions of Germans, mobiles are their only link with the outside world. And most Germans are convinced they are carrying Elektrosmog emitters around with them in their purses and pockets every day.”

“This national angst has been fuelled by frightening new findings by the renowned Max Planck Institute revealing that mobile phone emissions do appear in fact to have a deleterious effect, at least on synthetic cell membranes.”

“Researchers say that longterm exposure to low-level phone emissions at very close range resulted in an elevation of membrane temperature to the boiling point of water.”

“That indicates an emission level 100 times higher than previously thought possible,” said Max Planck Institute director Markus Antonietti.”

“The findings allegedly show that localized radiation can result in even higher temperatures – up to 10,000 degrees Celsius – for exceedingly brief periods of a fraction of a second in very isolated cell structures.”

“And the energy from mobiles disrupts molecules so thoroughly that cell membranes can in fact rupture,” he added.”

“He cautioned against panic, saying that further research is needed on human cell membranes.”

“But we are now aware of a mechanism that could potentially lead to cell damage,” Antonietti said. “As a scientist, I am concerned. I’m not letting my kids use their mobiles more than five minutes a day.”



1. rebecca - September 21, 2006

i think that mobile phones are useful because if something happens to the child they can call some one but i also think that they can damage people

2. Michelle - October 13, 2006

How dangerous are cell phones really? I have been reading different sources on the web and some of the scientists claim that there are very negative effects, but some other scientists that I have found diasgree. Has anything more recently been proven?
I did not get a cell phone until I was eighteen years old. I survived childhood without having a phone “just in case” something happened to me. Millions of people before me also survived childhood without cell phones; however, some horrible things have happened to a select group of children that could have been avoided if the child could have called for help. Would the child know to keep the cell hidden from someone hurting him/her? Or would the stranger just take the phone? Would the child even know to use the phone or would he/she be too frightened?
If cell phone use for prolonged period time damages small children, is there anyway to ensure that they will only use the phone for emergencies rather than just talking to their friends?s

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