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Frequencies for Health September 9, 2006

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“With regards to health, the vibration of our cells slow down when they are subjected to disease-causing conditions. These conditions, of course, include faulty nutrition, environmental toxins and stressful or negative thoughts. These disease-causing conditions also provide a vibrational breeding ground for pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds.”

“To understand frequency and the use of frequencies for health, it is first necessary to recognize that everything, absolutely everything, is vibrating … even seemingly solid materials are made up of atoms that are vibrating. Ever more sophisticated instruments are able to detect and measure these vibrations. Materials or substances, whether they are animate or inanimate, are different because of their vibrations. The difference in vibrations is measured by the rate or frequency of vibration. This is measured in cycles per second. The unit for expressing the frequency of vibration is the Hertz. Vibration produces both sound and light. Very slowly vibrating substances produce very long wavelengths or low frequencies. Frequencies that we can actually hear the sound produced range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. (Dolphins, by comparison, hear frequencies up to 180,000 Hz.) Very rapidly vibrating substances produce very short wavelengths or high frequencies. Frequencies that we can actually see the light produced range from 4×1014 to 7.12×1014 Hz. These frequencies are in the GigaHertz range. Obviously there are many frequencies produced by substances that are either below or above the range detectable by the human ear or eye.”




1. Daniel M - May 22, 2010

Question: If held in the reverse of healthy frequencies lets say for over a period of years. Will this have a negative effect on the body or make the body more succeptable to disease?

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