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Cell Phone War September 9, 2006

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This is a link to a non-profit organization, which you can join, that is making a movie about the dangers of cell phones.  You can watch the trailer here.


1. Mitzi Cagle, RN, BSN - September 12, 2006

I am very concerned and sure that cell phones and other wireless devices cause from fatigue to severe health problems.
I have told this story before, but I feel it is important to share it again! I have owned and used a cell phone since they came on the market.

At the time, I was Vice President of a Consulting Company. I also, was the mother of 3 children. So, I stayed home and drove my children to events, while using my cell phone, At this time, cell phones were very large, and I used the right side of my head and my right shoulder, to cradle the phone while I drove and conducted business.

I have ended up having a rare cancer on my right shoulder, Dermatafibroma sarcoma protubon, and was cancer. It took several surgeries to remove it due to how invasive the cancer was.
I since have been diagnosised with a benign tumor in the right side of my skull, that at this point I am blessed that it has not grown since my most recent MRI.

I now use BIOPRO products. I have a wireless head set, so the radiation does not go directly to my head. I also have a BIOPRO cell phone EMF Harmonizer on my phone. I feel sure, that these products could have helped prevent these illnesses I feel sure came from being on a cell phone for over 20 years.

After reading Dr. Geroge Carlo’s studies, I think that it is beyond concidence, that both tumors were on my right side, where I held my cell phone.

Also on using my computer. I used to only be able to be on a computer 20 minutes, at the most, and my eyes hurt, and I got a headache. I now have the Universal EMF Harmonizer chips on my computer, and I can be on the computer for hours, with no problems. Some of you may not have problems with a computer, but I have decided for myself, I am electro-pollution sensitive, and that is probably why I got cancer at such a young age.

I am a Nurse, so I used the products for a while, because I come from such a scientific background I wanted to make sure the products worked for me, before I signed up as a distributor.

After 5 months of using these products, I signed up as a business consultant. and feel good about sharing this information because I feel better than I have in years.

I use all the products. The wireless headset, the chips, the Biolife Pendent, and the Nurtitional products. This way I am taking an active role in protect my health, from the electro-pollution of the 21st Century, that we are constantly exposed to, but we can not see.

I encourage everyone to visit this web site and learn about this amazing cutting edge technology.

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