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Link Between EMF’s and Diabetes September 8, 2006

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“Magda Havas, an environmental science professor at Trent, ….. teaches a course on the biological impact of electromagnetic radiation and radio frequencies – the only one of its kind in Canada.”

“Her work with people with MS, diabetes and other illnesses documents how
many found their symptoms improved when their environments were electrically
cleaned, so to speak, by placing capacitators (filters) throughout their
homes. Brad Blumbergs has progressive multiple sclerosis and says he walked
with a cane until he volunteered for Havas’s experiment. Michelle
Illiatovitch’s daughter suffered from chronic fatigue from the time she was
eight and saw her energy return once an electrician fixed some faulty wiring
in their home and filters were put in her North York school.”

“Explains Havas,”We can take a person who is diabetic and put them in an
[electrically] dirty environment, and their blood sugar levels rise. We then
put them into a clean environment, and within half an hour their blood sugar
levels are lower. It becomes a barometer.”

“Why diabetes? Scientists have long known stress affects the disease. But
what researchers like Columbia cellular biophysics prof Martin Blank say is
that electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies actually trigger stress
responses in cells.”

NOW magazine, Toronto March 9, 2006





1. Joel - February 14, 2007

Is alternative medicine like chinese traditional medicine a bane for conventional western medicine?

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