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Monitoring the Radio Frequencies from Antennas and Transmitters September 7, 2006

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” The FCC does not have the resources or the personnel to routinely monitor the emissions for all the thousands of transmitters that are subject to FCC jurisdiction. However, the FCC does have measurement instrumentation for evaluating RF levels in areas that may be accessible to the public or to workers. If there is evidence for potential non-compliance with FCC exposure guidelines for a FCC-regulated facility, staff from the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology or the FCC Enforcement Bureau can conduct and investigation, and, if appropriate, perform actual measurements. Circumstances that could give rise to a concern about an facility’s conformance with FCC regulations can be found in in A Local Government Official’s Guide to Transmitting Antenna RF Emission Safety: Rules, Procedures, and Practical Guidance. This Guide can be accessed at: http://www.fcc.gov/oet/rfsafety. Potential exposure problems should be brought to the FCC’s attention by contacting the FCC RF Safety Program at: 202-418-2464 or by e-mail: rfsafety@fcc.gov.”



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