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You Better Not Wait for Science to Make Up Your Mind About EMF’s. September 2, 2006

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“To get at the explanation of EMF effects, we need scientists to talk to each other and collaborate across the disciplines. For that, we need a public funding structure that encourages novel interdisciplinary research instead of reinforcing existing unproductive programmes that discriminate against ‘maverick’ researchers.”

“At the moment, research grants and graduate students tend, more and more, to be exclusively awarded to big groups in prestigious universities, which overwhelmingly engage in big, safe projects that have no incentive to be innovative, and indeed, positively discriminate against ‘dissenters’ and ‘mavericks’.”

“Radical changes are needed in the education of our scientists. Few biologists understand the physical sciences and mathematics well enough to appreciate the contribution they can make to the life sciences; few physical scientists know enough biology to apply their expertise effectively to it. Not enough progress is being made in areas that lie between the traditional disciplines, and even when it is, the results are too often ignored because too many scientists can’t understand what their colleagues are talking about.”



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