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What is a Squamous Cell? September 2, 2006

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“Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), the second most common skin cancer after basal cell carcinoma, afflicts more than 200,000 Americans each year. It arises from the epidermis and resembles the squamous cells that comprise most of the upper layers of skin. SCCs may occur on all areas of the body including the mucous membranes, but are most common in areas exposed to the sun.”

“Although SCCs usually remain confined to the epidermis for some time, they eventually penetrate the underlying tissues if not treated. When this happens, they can be disfiguring. In a small percentage of cases, they spread (metastasize) to distant tissues and organs and can become fatal. SCCs that metastasize most often arise on sites of chronic inflammatory skin conditions or on the mucous membranes or lips.”


There seems to be an increase in cancers of the mouth, tongue, ear, head and ocular regions that may be associated with EMF’s or cell phone radiation.



1. Ondrej Manisha - September 19, 2007

now we are fussing and now we are fightin. Ondrej Manisha.

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